You, He, She and It


You,He, She and It

You,He, She and It

Yodis a cyborg entitled with the role of protecting the territory ofTikva. Created by Avram with the help of Malkah, the cyborg displaysboth human and mechanical characteristics. In addition, Yod carriesthe characteristics of a male but displays the looks of a female. Inthat regard, it is a cumbersome step deciding whether the cyborg ishe, she or it.

However,Yod cannot be counted as human despite the close characteristics tohuman behavior. When confronted by Shira whether Yod is robot, thecyborg claims, &quotI am a fusion of machine and lab-createdbiological components.” In addition, he echoes to havecharacteristics that qualify him to be alive. Though, much analysisinto the book illustrates that there is a difference between beingalive and being human (Wolmark,1994).To begin with, humans are not made in laboratories instead, they areborn through other humans. In that regard, he fails to qualify as aperson despite the closeness in characteristics.

Onthe other hand, Yod clearly states from the text that unlike humansthat have a choice in their destiny, for him, he is created to servea specific role of protecting the city. In that regard, this traitfalls below how humans live. The implication of this text is that,Yod is programmed to perform specified duties. On the other hand, thecyborg further claims to lack a soul since according to him, Avram isthe Godfather. Yod’s operation and survival fully depend on theactions of its creator. The cyborg is not a replica of a humanconsidering that another human being controls its life.

Additionally,despite the fact that Yod can be able to portray emotions just likehuman, the problem is that these emotions have been programmedaccording to the situation. In that regard, unlike human who canchoose to shift the focus of their emotion, the cyborg has a weaknessin terms of managing feelings. According to the text, Yod learnsemotional expressions from Shira as they interact, this implies thathe has been automated to learn and put into practice variousemotional changes in people. In that regard, Yod is not a person, buta controlled machine that learns from its day-to-day interaction.

Yodhas extreme limitations that further fail him to be an eligibleperson. For instance, in some cases, he displays capabilities farbeyond the reach of human beings. Such a character is witnessed in aphenomenon where Yod acts as a humanoid computer. However, in someinstances, the cyborg fails to show emotional characteristics ofhuman beings. For example, when Shira read a poem by Robert Burns,“O, my love is like a red, red rose,” Yod fails to internalizethe words and hence does not prove to understand the figurativelanguage (Haney,2006).

Inconclusion, when Yod is considered whether to be a he, she or it, itis apparent that that the cyborg falls in the same category. Thebiomechanical creature has a mission that is programmed in its systemand hence determines its conduct. Such traits fall short of thegeneral characteristic of a person that comes with freedom of choice.In addition, the cyborg has extreme potential by carrying both maleand female characteristics this is beyond the reach of humancapabilities.


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