Workplaceviolence: warning signs

Workplaceaggression refers to any behaviour initiated by an employee with theintention to harm another person in the company or the companyitself. Workplace violence can either be physical or psychological innature. More often it is preceded by psychological aggression whichoffers the best warning signs. At the work place, majority of theincidents are habitual incidents of verbal threats, intimidation,fighting and harassment rather than lethal attacks (Ortmeier,2013). Inthe recent past, work place violence has been on the headlinesrevealing how the behaviour is wide the US approximatelyone million people became victim of workplace violence in 2008. Thesources of workplace violence are: criminals, customers, co-workerand domestic or personal issues.(Vecchi, 2009)

Thereare many signs of workplace violence but more often, most peopledon’t recognize them. The signs of workplace can be identified bothat individual level or the organisational level. At the individuallevel the common signs include mood changes, personal hardships,mental health, past history of violence, direct or veiled threats,numerous conflicts with the supervisor, weapon brandishing, statementof suicidal desperation, drug abuse, romantic obsession, notaccepting personal responsibilities among others. At theorganisation level, the impact of work violence serves as a sign forit existing to the administration or the stakeholders. This includedecline of annual total income of the organisation due to lowperformance of employees, complains and increased rate of employeesresigning from the workplace (Bobbie,2010).

Earlyidentification of signs of workplace violence is key to reducing suchincidents from taking place. The organisations should ensure thatworkers welfare is always given priority and a sound workingenvironment is always preserved. Any case of workplace violence thatoccurs should be handled with extreme care to prevent it fromhappening again.


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