Workplace Violence Shootings and How to Prevent Them


WorkplaceViolence Shootings and How to Prevent Them

WorkplaceViolence Shootings and Prevention

Althoughworkplace violence shootings are a reality, they are relatively rareand just account for a meager fraction of the overall work-relatedfatalities (Baron, 2000). For instance, according to the Bureau ofLabor Statistics, averages of 551 workers per year were victims ofworkplace-related homicide between 2006 and 2010 this accounted for115 of all workplace-related fatalities. Employers should be at theforefront in preventing these workplace violence, shootings becausethey may lead to the employer being held liable for not putting uppreventive measures (Ortmeier, 2013).

Employerscan prevent workplace violence shootings through putting up aneffective workplace violence prevention and intervention program. Theprogram should include background screening, where job applicantsshould have their background information uncovered. For instance,criminal records and falsified data. the program should also includeconflict resolution training, where employees and supervisors shouldbe taught how to eliminate any potential violence instead ofexacerbating it. Besides, the program should also have zero tolerancepolicies concerning violence and harassment. These policies must bereviewed and updated for effectiveness. A good violence preventionprogram must have the capacity of building awareness amid employees,managers, and supervisors. In addition, it should be designed tomanage violence from becoming extreme (Baron, 2000).

HomelandSecurity and its Relationship to Workplace Security

Indealing with the security matters of the nation, the HomelandSecurity has ensured that there are clear policies governing thesafety of all citizens (Ortmeier, 2013). In order to ensure workplacesafety, has come up with tips on protecting workplaces. There existsa relationship between Homeland security and workplace security sincemost of the workplace security measures are still the measures ofsafety proposed by the Homeland Security. For instance, checking theidentity of individuals visiting the workplace and reporting of anysuspicious activity or person (Bullocket al, 2013).


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