Women`s Health Care Policy

Women’sHealth Care Policy



Women’sHealth Care Policy

Women’shealth care policy is one of the important factors for health carereforms in future times. The preventive services covered by privatehealth plans under affordable care act recommend preventive measureswithout any patient incurring extra cost. Research shows thatprevention is far much better than cure. One can prevent a diseasethat would be complicated when it matures up thus becoming difficultto treat. Women should therefore learn how to prevent diseases(Morrow, 2007).

Researchhas it that only 40% of women leaving their jobs to care for theirsick children are paid and the remaining 60% are not paid which isnot fare (Hamel,Firth and Brodie, 2014).Comparing women to men, women lead in number of those skippingrecommended treatment. It is also evident that a greater number ofwomen do not complete their medication or skip their doses during theprescribed period. It is also clear that a higher number of womencompared to men are unable to settle their hospital bills (Hamel,Firth and Brodie, 2014).

Thetopic is effective for future healthcare reforms because of thefollowing factors. First and foremost, when all women who leave theirjobs to take care of their sick children are all ensured theirpayments, women will not fail to take care of their sick childrenwith financial fear and thus protecting lives of children. Womenshould accorded cheap medication so as to afford their bills. Whenthe medication is made cheaper, women will be clearing their billsand even never miss any prescribed treatments due to lack of money.Making medication for women cheap and affordable will contributegreatly to the reforms of health care since women and their childrenwill be completing their dosages due to availability of money andthus living a healthy life.


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