Why Chinese People Are Good At Math, Which Is A Unique Skill Or Luck To Born In?

WhyChinese People Are Good At Math, Which Is A Unique Skill Or Luck ToBorn In?


Why Chinese People Are Good AtMath, Which Is A Unique Skill Or Luck To Born In?

In general, Chinese students arevery good at mathematic, which is already been a constant conceptinAmerica. Many people wonder if this is true, and ask if anyone havethe experience that an America student asks you why Chinese peopleare good at math. Last semester, I was the only Chinese in the class.When I got a good score, my America classmates would say that I wasgood at math because I am a Chinese. However, I am not sure whethertheir suggestion was true or false. If true, then it shows thatChinese people are naturally good at math or Chinese education ismore effective. However, in my own view, I don’t think that Chinesepeople are doing well on math than American. I also don’t thinkthat Chinese are more intelligent than American. Basically, whatcontribute to good performance in mathematic by Chinese are culture,language and education methods.

To start with, Chinese cultureattaches great importance to all kinds of subjects. In common,Chinese parents encourage their children to do well in all kinds ofsubjects, like history, science and mathematics as well. However,American parents are different. My American classmate told me thathis parents rarely cared about his study except math, so even thoughhe got a lower score in math, his mom never punished him.

Secondly, Chinese mathematicslanguage is another important factor that we cannot ignore. Aresearch shows that Chinese number contains a “quantity” concept(Dauben, 2007). It is easy to calculate a math question. For example,when a math question is like “23+12”,Chinese students can do itquickly. They usually take it as twenty plus ten, and then, threeplus two, and the final answer is thirty-five. However, Americanstudents are different. They need to translate “twenty-three” to23, and then they may think about how to plus “twelve”. Also, Igot an interesting new method from my teacher, Anderson who said thatmathematics counting system of French is so complicated for example,when they say the number like “70”, they will count the numberfirst “60+10”,byparity of reasoning“79”issixty plus ten plus nine. So, we can see that Chinese counting systemis easier.

Another contributing factor isthe Chinese education system. In china, all school teaches studentshow to do counting from early childhood (E.C.D). When Chinese kidsare three or four year old, they can count up to forty. However,American can only count to fifteen at that age. For instance, when Iwas three years old, my mom have already taught me to remembermultiplication tables which is a skill that can help children to domultiplication faster. So, I can say that I was lucky to be born inChina, and acquired the unique skill that assisted me to do well inmathematic.

To wide up, Chinese are not bornas mathematicians, as there are also some Chinese who are poor inmathematic. Learning anything is a process, although Chinese learnmathematics through language, culture and education system.Additionally, the advantage of early education can’t be ignored aswell as personal effort to learn. We should realize that no matterwhat we learn, everyone needs to work hard in order to achieve thegoal of successfulness.


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