Who is a Supervisor?

Whois a Supervisor?

Whois a Supervisor?

Asupervisor is an employee who has the authority to give orders and/orinstructions to subordinates and is answerable to the management forthe work and actions of other employees. A supervisor must fulfilldifferent responsibilities to workers, and to the organization. It isthe responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that work is done in amanner that the security, health and safety of everyone areguaranteed.

Thereare different levels of are different levels of supervisor’sresponsibilities in an organization. Besides being accountable to theorganization’s management, supervisors are responsible for thedevelopment of activities for their employees. Among the major rolesof supervisors include

Disciplineis one of the main responsibilities of supervisors. Maintainingdiscipline among employees ensure that employees remain focused onprolific job related activities and maintains a fair playing groundfor all the employees. The supervisor ensures that employees followthe set rules and work ethics as stipulated in the company’spolicy.

Anothermain role of the supervisor is development of employees. Since thesupervisor is in constant interaction with employees, he is in a goodposition to understand each employee’s weaknesses and strengths. Byso doing he can motivate employees through development of theirskills while improving on their weak areas. In addition, he is thelink between employees and the departmental managers and can help inidentifying employees who deserve a promotion based on theirperformance.

Conflictsare at times unavoidable at work. As such, the supervisor’sresponsibility is in resolving conflicts among employees. In casethere is a conflict between employees, the supervisor is the firstperson to note or to be informed. He understands each employee due tothe close working relationship with them. He is therefore able toresolve conflicts amicably without involving the top management.

Finally,the supervisor has a responsibility to the organization of makingsure that employees are productive. The supervisor is given goals andtargets for his or her group. He must establish how these goals andtargets will be met by the group. The supervisor is held accountablefor failure of the group in meeting organizational goals.

Tobe able to supervise employees effectively, I would first ensure thatI communicate with them effectively. This helps in creating a goodrapport with the employees. In addition, I would schedule regularmeetings with employees, providing them with a platform to discussimportant work progress. In addition, they can air their concerned sothat the organization can address them. Also as a supervisor, I willensure that I give credit to employees where it’s due. This willmotivate such employees to work even harder. Similarly I would guideemployees who go astray in a manner that they feel respected and notthreatened.

Toincrease productivity of individual employees, I will also ensurethat I focus on each worker’s strengths. This involves assigningpeople tasks according to their strengths which will make theirworking experience enjoyable while increasing productivity of theorganization. In the same way, I would strengthen employees’weaknesses to see that they are able to perform.

Ultimately,I would help create an environment where everyone is treated withrespect. I will understand that employees perceive me as the problemsolver hence I would not let them down on any issue concerning theirproblems on work related aspects as well as personal issues.