Where the Spirit Lives

Wherethe Spirit Lives

Wherethe Spirit Lives,entails a touching story, involving a young girl. The young girlbecomes kidnapped together with other kids from the village, whereshe lived. It is considered a deliberate action to kidnap the younggirl and the other kids since the kidnappers seem not care that theseare kids. From the film, there is an indication of hatred on oneside, but love on the other. The young girl meets pressure after herabduction, where she is forced to follow some instructions from thekidnappers. Although this act of forcing the young girl follow whatshe does not want is an act of harshness and hatred, there is also anact of love from those surrounding the girl.

First,after being kidnapped, the young girl was taken to a boarding school,rather than just being left out to suffer by lacking education. Onthe other hand, while in the boarding school, she meets a kindteacher that was different from the others. The kind teacher is readyto offer the young girl any assistance from amid the staff. This actof kindness from the White teacher is a show of love and appreciatingother individuals the way they are even though the teacher wasdifferent to the young girl, the show of sympathy from the teacher isan indication of humanity. Although the girl is depicted to undergothrough a forced life at the start of the film, where she is evenforced to change her identity, she ends up a victor at the conclusionof the film with the assistance of the teacher since she lastlymaintains her identity, despite having the identity changed.


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