Where Are The Most Intense Thunderstorms On Earth?

WhereAre The Most Intense Thunderstorms On Earth?

Whereare the Most Intense Thunderstorms on Earth?

Thewindiest place in the world is the Commonwealth Bay. The speed of thewind is about 150mph (240 km/h). Cape Blanco, in Oregon, is anotherwindiest region in the world. Nuclear winds are frequently generatedby powerful storms that blow at a speed of 125mph (200km/h). Otherplaces with strong winds include, Dodge City, in Kansas, Wellington,in New Zealand, Rio Gallegos, in Argentina, and St. Johns, InNewfoundland.

Themost intense hailstorm happened in Oklahoma City destroying manyproperties. The storm had a speed of 85GHz&lt50K.

Thegreater the vertical velocity, the more intense the storm, and viceversa. It is possible to determine the gross difference betweenstorms. Combinations of several instruments are used to detect anddiagnose intense thunderstorms.

Stormsare violent disturbance with strong winds and sometimes accompaniedwith the rain, snow, lightning, hail, and thunder that occurs in theatmosphere. Storms are always associated with negative impacts onproperties and human lives. For instance, they cause flooding,vertical wind shear, roads impossibilities, lighting, among others.There are variety types of storm that include of freezing rain,snowstorm, ocean storm, wind storm, ice storm, blizzard, hailstorm,tornado, and thunderstorm. However, there are great differencesbetween Amazon and equatorial African storms. The equatorial Africanstorms are concentrated in a single season.

Radaris the means of discovering the position or the speed of an objectsuch as ship, spacecraft, motor vehicles, and aircraft when theycannot be seen, by using radio signals. Radar uses radio waves todetermine the direction, speed, altitude, range of unseen object.

Cloudis a mass of water vapour that floats in the sky. They are eithergrey or white in colour, and their temperature is measured usinginfrared brightness temperature.