Week 1 Assign

Week1 Assign

Week1 Assign


Forme to become more effective in communicating my feelings andemotions, I must be aware of all the three channels of communicationthat is verbal, nonverbal and para-verbal (Griffith &amp Goodwin,2013). This will help me to decide the best channel of communicationto use in different contexts to express myself better. I must be morecautious in non-verbal communication since people use it mostly toexpress their feelings and emotions. Reading people is also vital asit can tell me when and how to say certain things and when not to saythem.

Inorder to demonstrate that I have heard and understood the feelingsand emotion of the other person, I have to be attentive to thechannel of communication being used. When attending to messages fromanother person, I must show appreciation of the message beingdelivered to show that I care about my relationship with the otherperson (Griffith &amp Goodwin, 2013). I must tune to the messagescoming through all three channels of communication as myinterpretation is heavily dependent on them.


Fora person to be effective in communicating you need to know when touse verbal, nonverbal and para-verbal communication. This is becausethe meaning we give to any channel that we use usually directs andguides our attitudes and behaviours towards the message. It istherefore important to decide which communication channel will givethe correct impression (Van, 2009).

Forsomeone to be a good listener one must be very keen on the channel ofcommunication being used. Each channel gives a different meaning likefor instance in matters to do with feeling and emotion we usepara-verbal communication. Therefore the listener must be veryattentive to what channel is being used in communication beforehe/she can accurately interpret the message (Griffith &amp Goodwin,2013).


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