US Disaster Preparedness Level

USDisaster Preparedness Level

USDisaster Preparedness Level

Inmy knowledge, the United States is fully prepared to handle naturaldisasters. The previous disasters such as the Hurricane Katrina, 2004Indonesia Earthquake, 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the 2010Haiti Earthquake have all increased the United States’ vigilancetowards natural disasters. The US has acquired relevant tools andskills necessary for dealing with the expected natural disasters. Forinstance, the U.S.Geological Surveyhas predetermined that the MountRainierin WashingtonStateshould expect a &quot40-Mile-LongMudslide&quot.

Althoughthe US has not developed technology that can predict the date ofdisasters accurately, the scientists can observe the signs of alooming disaster and warn the government to get prepared on time. Thefederal emergency Agency has already identified impending calamitiessuch as earthquakes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes and severe stormsin 2014 (Disaster Declarations for 2014, 2014). FEMA has trainedadequate professionals to assist in handling the issue when itoccurs.

Accordingto Roberts (2013), the US government is ready to respond to disastersas it has purchased emergency relief supplies, foods, medicines, andhosted 15,000 Russians with emergency response skills in Baltimore.Each student in above 300 schools also begun carrying three-day kitsin readiness for when disasters strike. The author asserts that thegovernment could be informed of impending disasters, but it refrainsfrom announcing it to the public as it may cause panic (Roberts,2013).

Iam convinced that the government has invested the necessary effortthrough collaborating with Russians to create effective solutionnatural disasters. Puchkov, Russian Minister, recently claimed, “Wehave decided that [FEMA] and Russia’s Emergencies Ministry willwork together to develop systems to protect people and territory fromcosmic impacts…(Roberts, 2013)” The statement proves the federal government’scommitment to managing worse disasters that the scientists havepredicted. Louis et al. (2014) fresh research skills promises todevelop improved strategies for understanding tectonic forces thatcause Tsunamis and earthquakes in the oceans. The techniques willfurther boost the United States’ federal government preparedness toocean-based earthquakes.


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