Unethical Practices


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Article:Primarkfires child worker firms by BBC TrustLink:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2014/08/05/primark-fires-child-worker-by-firms/business/7456897.stm

Summary:Primark, a clothing firm in the United Kingdom, has laid offthree Indian suppliers of Indian origin for using child labor toproduce goods. The purveyors, subcontracted small-scale firms, wereutilizing child labor to perform embroidery as well as sequin tasks.A six-month investigation was lead by a BBC`s program, which in turnsignaled the Primark clothing company about the problem.

Thus, consumers are on the rise, claiming that businesses manufactureproducts in an unethical way, changing thespotlight on employee remunerations and working conditions.

Ethicalanalysis: The Primark Company utilized the data provided by BBCs,which was useful in getting out that unlawful sub-contracting hadbeen happening, and they took action accordingly. Similarly,Primark noticed that the clothes affected accounted for four percentof supplier’s global supply. Additionally, the clothing companyrealized that sub contracting includedindoor operation and in many occasions,children were observed to be doing the jobfrom home. It is against the law by the British Association foods toportray behavior that are unethical, and this lapse in moral valueshas been taken really badly by the Primark clothing company.

Under the conditions of the codification of practice for retailers,it is against the law to employ child labor in any manufacturingchain. Therefore, Primark says it will stop dealings with suppliersresponsible for child labor, and that. The position is imperative toPrimark and other societies to create the necessary shifts to theiremployment practices whenever breach of its codes get violated.

Through this scenario, dominating companies in Europe have come underpressure to prepare and ensure that employees, in their supply chain,especially in intensive labor markets like India and China, are notoppressed. Corporations like Nike have reacted to customer concernsabout ethical values in the retail trade by making public informationaround all their retailers.


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