Unethical Issues


Zoll,M. (2014, October 16). Freezing Eggs Puts Women and Infants’ Healthat Stake. TheNew York Times.Retrieved fromhttp://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2014/10/15/freezing-plans-for-motherhood-and-staying-on-the-job/freezing-eggs-puts-women-and-infants-health-at-stake


Eggfreezing is a new reproduction technology that involves extractingova from a woman’s reproductive system. The ova are then storedunder cold temperature for many years until the owner decides to givebirth. Some companies are recommending the technology to healthyindividuals who are about to undergo harmful procedures such aschemotherapy that can damage the human reproductive system. Zoll92014) asserts that the technology is good for older women intendingto defer conceiving as well as, patients about to undergo somemedical procedures. However, an experienced doctor should educatepotential patients with all the medical facts.


Eggfreezing has high death rate. The vast research on the technologydubbed “safety and efficacy” does not justify using making theservice available to the general public. Besides, researchers are yetto gather empirical evidence to determine whether the chemicals usedto store can cause long term adverse effects on a child. Thesurvival rate of the technology is low since eggs acquired from womenaged 30 and 40 years have 77% and 91% failure respectively. Lateststudies indicate that many young women are vulnerable to injuryduring ova extraction, and they might never use them as normal birthsare more fun and affordable than egg freezing.

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IntelligentDecisions Inc., is one of the fast developing company located inVirginia. The organization often acquires contracts from defense andintelligence agencies. However, the US attorney’s officer sued thecompany for using cash incentives to win bids. Kerry Kahn, theprevious programs manager, was jailed for seventeen years because heoversaw disbursement of $30 million to corrupt scheme during histenure. He failed to report the gratuities and yet he knew thecompany advocates for the highest ethics standard.


IntelligentDecisions Inc. risks losing eligibility for bidding defense andintelligence agencies contracts because if its engagement inmalpractices. The contract law requires potential applicants torefrain from all forms of unethical practices such as giving bribesor favors that can compromise the contract giver’s decision.Investigations discovered that the company had given bribe to aformer army contracting officer in the form of a car worth above$30,000, entertainment, golf outings, and meals. The organizationadvocates conducting business using the strictest ethical standardsto avoid repercussions of being sued by customers or even losinggovernment contracts.