Types of Investigations


Typesof Investigations

Typesof Investigations

Oneof the types of investigation made by security and protectiveagencies is a criminal investigation. This type of investigationfocuses on finding facts about criminal acts or events that areconsidered a threat to security. This investigation has intent ofsolving a puzzle that is associated with certain crimes. Thisinvestigation also focuses on gathering information that will lead toprevention of crime and arrest of potential and active criminals(Ortmeier, 2013).Criminal investigation includes interrogation, interviews andsearching of every element that leads to a fact.

Intelligencegathering is another type of investigation that security andprotective services provide. This investigation aims at collectinginformation for tracking crime and criminal agents. According toOrtmeier (2013), suchinvestigation, security and protective agents are able to stop crimebefore happening or collect evidence. In addition, the security andprotective services may engage in follow up investigation ofintrusion investigation. This type is different as it focuses torespond to an intrusion or infringement of a situation such asnetworks or a protected compound. According to Nicholson(2000), this type ofinvestigation takes place after the other criminal act has alreadytaken place. Therefore, it seeks to determine the motive of the crimeand the ways of identifying and apprehending the suspects.

Ofall the types of investigation done by the security agencies andprotective services, criminal investigation is the one that isconducted. In the community, many security and protective servicesengage in the process of investigating elements of a crime or relatedto crime. However, the state security agencies are the one who mostconduct this investigation. This is because crime is the most commonaspect of the society that calls for investigation and prevention inthe community.


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