Topic Foundations of Scholarly Research and its Contribution to Society.



Topic: Foundations of Scholarly Research and its Contribution toSociety.

The Doctoral Disposition that I chose was in regard tolearning thefoundations of scholarly research and using it to contribute toprofessional life and the global community. I believe that I willhave the most potential in this disposition because I honestlythinkyou should use what you learn and discover in your studies(especially in doctoral studies) to influence your day-to-daypractical life. With this program at The University, I feel that whatI learn, research, and find can lead to positive gains in my currentposition.Scholars have developed a clear picture that for many ofthese doctoral students, reviewing prior research on topics was ahollow exercise. They learned nothing of worth and which contributeddismally to their understanding of&nbspthe research work. (Butin.9).

Scholarly Research is a vital part of any doctorate program since itgives the doctoral student a view of what they are likely toexperience in their daily lives. It providesa challenge to alldoctoral students to want to address issues they face each day and toarticulate problems and come up with solutions. Every scholar who isa doctor should be able to develop solutions to issues they face ineveryday life. The doctoral requirement of trying to understand thefundamental structures underlying the research done by scholars isvery essential. The most crucial part of the works is using thisknowledge together with the consultative knowledge to improve thesociety as well as one`s being. As a doctoral student, my researchshould be able to influence my professional life, my immediatecommunity and theglobal community in general. Doctors are the people whosolve problems, and this is only possible through precisearticulation of issues and a careful analysis of our surrounding andits needs. That is possible only through the doctoral disposition oftrying to understand the research done by others and using it to makethings better around them.


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