Title of show play


Author’s name

Title of show is a musical that was conceived by two guys, HunterBell and Jeff Bowen. The musical is about the two people trying towrite a musical. It therefore ends up that the musical they aretrying to write is the one the audience are watching. This is a oneact show and it features music lyrics and a book by Jeff and Hunterrespectively. The musical, which is directed by Michael Berresse ismainly about the journey of the show to Broadway. The plot and theflow of the musical revolves around the circumstances that the showand the cast has faced with regard to new productions and updates.

The show starts as Jeff and Hunter are discussing their chances ofqualifying for the upcoming Theatre festival in New York. Jeff is,however, pessimistic about their chances of success. They alsorecruit two of their friends, Susan and Heidi to assist them in theproject as minor characters. There is doubt and insecurity amongstall the characters with regard to the success of the show. They,however finish the show and embark on looking for a name for theshow. They are unable to come up with a title and hence Title ofshow becomes the name of the show.

The main characters of the show are Jeff and Hunter. They are thecharacters who came up with the idea of creating the show. They are,however, assisted on the stage by two assistant characters, Susan andHeidi. Jeff is one of the male characters and Hunter’s writingpartner. He feature without a shirt on stage albeit for shortperiods. Hunter is the second male character who is also Jeff partnerin writing and he also enjoys acting shirtless. Susan is one of thefemale characters in the musical and a friend to both Jeff andHunter. She in her early 30s and she features offering a helping handto both Jeff and Hunter in writing the script for the musical. Heidiis the second actress who is also a friend to Jeff and Hunter. She isrecruited to assist the two main characters in writing the script forthe musical.

The Title of show is about four people who come up with a musicalfrom nothing to become one of the most famous musicals on theBroadway. The main theme of the play is that of pursuing a dream. Thecharacters in the play were determined to achieve their dreams ofmaking the play one of the most successful. The theme ofcommunication is also prevalent in the play. The communicationbetween Jeff and Hunter, as well as the two female characters.

The choice of words and the diction used in the play makes themusical one of the best in theatre. The choice of words by thewriters to address the audience directly I not only entertaining, butalso engaging. For instance, the use of the number “Die vampiredie” which is sung by Susan seems to address the audience directly.“You have astory to tell/a novel you keep in a drawer/You have a painting topaint/but you’re lazy like an old French whore” are the wordsthat the writers adopted for this number. The play uses musicalongside the script that creates spectacles. Die Vampire, Die is oneof the main numbers in the play and it creates a spectacle. Asmentioned above, it directly addresses the audience throughquestions. The music and the lyrics are composed by Jeff Bowen. Thestage setting where there are only four chairs and a piano is asignificant spectacle in the play. The characters are everyday commonpeople doing a musical.