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Thedebate that is interesting is the discussion of the Divine and humannature of Jesus Christ. It is interesting to think of the Christ as abeing with two natures, both that seem difficult to comprehend. In anagreement with the argument by Gregory of Nyssa, it is possible thatChristians and theologians alike do not fully understand how thedivine nature combines with the human nature in Christ1.With the debate, it is interesting to describe how Christiansunderstand how the word became flesh and at the same time the wordwas God. The other interesting element in the debate is how differenttheologians and Christians understand the forum controversiesArianism, Apollinarianism, Nestorianism and Eutycheanism. In themidst of the debate and the discussion on the nature of Christ, theinteresting fact that human beings try to avoid is the mystery ofunderstanding the nature of God.


Inthe debate between Pelagius and Augustine, I agree with Augustinethat despite having the free will to make choices, human beings areonly freed from sin because of the grace of God. I agree withAugustine because man is enslaved by the original sin ofdisobedience, and therefore can only be freed by the grace of God. Atthe same time, I concur with Augustine’s agreement with Pelagiusthat it is the free will of man that led to the choice of sinningagainst God1.At the same time, I disagree with Pelagius that man was originallycreated neutral and chose to disobey God. Augustine provides anargument that directly relates to the nature of God to keep man fromsin through His Grace.


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