The Rising Threat of Jihadists in Mali to U.S. Homeland Security outline

TheRising Threat of Jihadists in Mali to U.S. Homeland Securityoutline


B.The Jihadist problem

i.Background research on jihadist problem in the US

ii.Jihadists in Mali

iii.US law enforcers effort to eliminate terrorism

iv.Jihadists attack strategies

C.How people become jihadists

i.Through adopting aggression and radicalization tactics

ii.Factors influencing radicalization

iii.Contribution of the social network to the growth of Jihadismmenace

iv.Significance of the internet to the growth of jihadist groups in theworld

D.Combating Violent Jihadists

  1. Intercepting thee youths before they become radicalized

  2. preventive policing

  3. investigative approaches by state and local authorities

  4. trust and partnership

  5. Balancing security and liberty

  6. Collaborating with Muslim, Arab, and Sikh communities to assist in preventing the terrorist attacks