The relationship with my family during childhood shaped my adult life

Therelationship with my family during childhood shaped my adult life

Ican still vividly remember my childhood like it was yesterday.Although many years have gone by since childhood, the experiences ofthat time can be reflected in most of what I do today. Similarly,most of the feelings, which I remember about the time, are not real.All the fears, tears, joy, sadness and anger could just be thecreations of the imagination by a child. However, regardless of thembeing false imaginations, others are genuinely etched in my mind. Attimes, I stop to think why I am so much obsessed with cleanliness tothe point that I see many faults when other people perform theircleaning tasks. Similarly, I also tend to expect too much from thosepeople with whom I relate. On the other hand, I like readingstorybooks a lot, as well. I have a full collection of them on myshelf. In this relation, one thing speaks out: it is the effect on mychildhood experience that was apparently passed into my adulthood. Itapplies to the fact that my parents showed me an extreme form oflove. At the same time, they did not condone wrong actions.Therefore, in contrast, they were also overly strict and did nothesitate to apply disciplinary measures in case of a mistake, so thatI may not repeat the same. As such, some of the childhood memoriesare pleasant and entertaining, while the number of them is annoyingand unpleasant.

Iwas the first-born and the only girl among three children.Apparently, I had to take responsibility for my younger brothers. Agood relationship existed between my parents and my brothers, as wellas me. They frequently bought us books and toys, which we used toplay with my siblings and the other friends in our neighborhood. Mymom would read us some of these bedtime stories before we went tobed: it was lovely. At times, nature was the playground we used aswell as the toy we used for our games.

Wewent to the same school together with my brothers. When we wereyounger, my father dropped us to school and picked us every evening.We would ask questions, sing and make stories throughout the ride. Myfather ensured that at the beginning of each school period, he boughteach of us a book and a nice bag. The stories and lessons from thesebooks would be shared as we went to school. However, with time, wehad to use the school bus, which made me miss the trips to schoolterribly.

Subsequently,the only connection that I had with my family took place over theschool holidays. We had much fun when we went visiting differentplaces. I always liked a visit to my grandfather most. He was asongwriter, and I wanted to write poems a lot. Most of the topics Igot from the books that my parents bought me. He used to encourage meand even help me to write and recite the poems. I remember once therewas a poem competition in my school, and he had helped me to come upwith a [poem. I was in seventh grade, and most of the otherparticipants were in ninth and tenth grades. I performed the poem sowell that I emerged first position. My grandfather was there and wasproud of my achievement. From this, I was highly encouraged and stillwrite poems during my free time in memory of my grandfather.

Despitethe love that my parents showed to my two brothers and me. They werestrict especially in relation to what they expected as to do. Inparticular, my mother was concerned about the cleanliness around thehouse. She expected me to do all the jobs that she gave in a perfectmanner. As such, I was supposed to provide an example to my youngerbrothers. Failure to this, she whipped me using a stick. My brotherstoo had their individual share of responsibilities.

Oneof the things that I can never forget is the lesson that my mothergave me about the role of the woman in taking care of the home. Shewas a neat freak. She was in the house cleaning or taking care of thelawn around the house, most of the times. It meant that we also hadto be involved in the cleaning. There was a weekly culture where allof the seats and the covers could be cleaned. Usually, she gaveinstructions on what was to be done.

Becauseof this, I always ensure that I have a weekly routine to clean andmake all the other things perfect. The funniest part is that mymother still calls me today to ensure that I have performed most ofmy chores and cleaned. I guess it will never end because what we wereyesterday is what influences the people we are today and theexperiences of tomorrow.