The Industrial Age


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The industrial age

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Thesis statement: Even though the Industrial Age was a time ofinnovation that brought about a greater diversity of manufacturedgoods and a better quality of life for some, it likewise frequentlyled to dire working and living conditions for the less fortunateclasses of people.

The image clearly indicates people who are moving in every directionand seem to be laborers. There are industries that are clearlyevident from the image. The buildings in the image indicate some formof infrastructural development. A closer look at the image indicatesthat there is a church and a mosque. It is also evident that thereare electric power lines in image. It can easily be concluded thatthe power lines act as a source of power to the industries. Thepeople depicted in the picture seem to be extremely busy and theenvironment appears like a busy area. The picture depicts that thisis an area that is full of industrial activities. It depicts that theindustries employ numerous people as laborers. The numerousindustries in the area indicate that there are different productsbeing manufactured in the area. Small domestic animals such as dogscan also be seen in the image which indicates that there might behomesteads in the neighborhood of this industrial area.

The image has a direct meaning that the place or the countryrepresented in the image was undergoing a serious industrialrevolution. The presence of numerous industries at the same place isa clear indication that this was an industrial age and people wereexcited over it. It is no doubt that the industries provide numerousemployment opportunities for the poor people. This is clearly shownby the numerous people walking and moving around the industries. Thepower lines present mean that industrialization brought about thespread of electricity to the industries. However, it is evident thatthe machines that are used in the factories are oil-based. This isdue to the enormous some that is seen emanating from the industries.The electricity lines and the power they carry might only be used forlighting and other purposes that require little energy.

The presence of a church and a mosque in the image has the meaningthat the community working in the industries and the people aroundthe industries constitute of Christians and Muslims. In other words,the society in the industrial age was multi-religious and everyreligion was respected. The presence of the mosque and the church atthe area also indicates that there are homesteads that are next tothe industries. There are also some dogs present amongst the crowdwhich confirms that there are some homesteads in the neighborhood. Italso clear from the image that the industrial age brought with itinfrastructural development. The path and the buildings in the imageare well constructed. According to the image, it can be argued thatthe industrialization was at its peak. This is a time wheninfrastructural development was extremely high. Although there werenumerous poor people within the society, the proceeds from the saleof the manufactured goods went towards the development of theinfrastructure. There are numerous industries congested in the sameplace with numerous laborers. It is not evidently clear whether allthe people who are seem roaming around the industries are laborers orare people who are seeking for employment. One thing which is clearthough, is the fact that the people seem confused.

The image makes various arguments and depicts various aspects. Tostart with, it is clear from the enormous smoke that is emanatingfrom the various industries that pollution was at its peak duringthis industrial age. Air pollution was the major form of pollutionthat is depicted by this image. The image also makes the argumentthat the industries were a major source of employment for themajority who were poor. This is due to the presence of the numerouspeople around the industries. Whereas some of the people might beworkers in the industries, others might be business people in thearea and others may be seeking jobs in the industries. It is also theimage’s argument that the owners of the industries hardly caredabout the environment, as well as the people living close to theindustries. Besides the unacceptable amount of pollution in the area,the industries seem to be constructed close to the homesteads. Thisacts as a hazard to the lives of the people living in theneighborhood. For instance, in the case of a fire outbreak, a lot ofproperty could be lost and people’s lives could be endangered. Theimage argues that the inception of the industrial age was responsiblefor the generation of electricity. This is shown in the image by thepower lines running above the buildings.

Additionally, the image suggests that the industrial age and thepresence of industries in a particular area attracted populations.This is indicated by the presence of some apartments in the imagewhere people live. A vast majority of the people work in theindustries while others engage in businesses such as hotels for thelaborers. The living condition for the workers is depicted as beingpoor. Some of the houses in the image which seem like the worker’shouses cannot offer quality life. The working conditions were alsodire. A close look at the image shows that the people around do nothave any protective gear on which might be necessary for their work.They are directly adjacent to the industries. It is unimaginable theamount of noise and the hazards they face every day. Lastly, theimage makes the argument that religion was a vital component in theindustrial age. It indicates that there were special days forworship.

According to the image, the industrial age brought in value forlife. For instance, the infrastructural development shown in theimage is as a result of the benefits of industrial revolution. Thisis a clear indication that industrialization increased the quality oflife. It is, however, worth noting that the quality of life might nothave improved for the entire population. The workers at theindustries survived on low wages and their quality of life remainedpoor. The presence of the electricity power is also an indication ofthe value that the industrial age added to the people. Additionally,industrialization resulted in the production of a variety of goods.This was also an added value for the people. However, this was onlyfor the people who could afford such products.

The message that the image sends is that of the nature of work andenvironment that the industrial age brought. The image also wants toshow how industrial age polluted the environment. The smoke that isemanating from the rooftops of the industries is an indication of theenormous air pollution that resulted from the use of fuels. The imagealso wanted to send the message that the industries during theindustrial age relied heavily on fuel energy and coal energy asopposed to the current clean energy. The image also wanted to showhow various religions co-existed during the industrial age. There wasalso the element of the poor working conditions of the workers whohave no protective gears on. The image invokes various reactions fromdifferent people and sectors of society. To the people who protectthe environment, the image invokes the reaction of population whonever cared about the environment for the future generations. It alsoinvokes the reaction that such industries should have been controlledby the authorities with regard to the pollution they inflicted on theenvironment. To the human rights activists, the image is a wakeupcall. It is clear that the workers at the industrial age cannot becompared with the current workers. The workers deserved good livingand working conditions, as well as a good salary which would enablethem to live a decent life.

It is, however, clear that the image depicts a sense of developmentand value addition to life. The industrial age provided much neededemployment and brought forth a variety of products for the consumers.Economically, the industrial age was a major step towards economicprosperity. Countries which achieved industrial revolution early havedeveloped fully. It is also appealing that the different religionswere able to live together peacefully.