The Good Life

TheGood Life

Eversince I was a child, classy rides were my taste. I spent every minuteI could get standing on our leaving room window staring at the road.Each time a car passed by, I felt adrenaline raising a notch higher.My parents discovered I was a car enthusiast at an early age, so allmy toys were car models. NASCARismy favorite sport. I have been interested in automobiles my entirelife. From the toy matchbox car I carried around as a toddler, tobuilding Lego cars, to constructing a slot car track in the middle ofmy garage, to my beloved Camaro, I have loved &quotthe need forspeed.&quot

Sofar, I have been playing car racing video games to suppress myunrelenting enthusiasm in cars. I am a hardcore gamer and anundisputed good racer. I know the GranTurismo, rFactor, andForza Motor Sportsgameplay like the back of my hand. However, I understand that virtualgaming will never make me a grand racer unless in the real world.This is the reason I am interested in joining the University ofFlorida to complete a degree in mechanical engineering. My futureaspirations are to establish a garage that will focus onmanufacturing and servicing vehicles such as the machines used inNASCAR races.

Iam convinced a mechanical engineering degree will be the initialstepping-stone to transform my dream career from a reverie to therealm of reality. Of course, I am planning to have a happy family inthe future, but I will not neglect my family just to drive fancycars. A mechanical engineering degree will assist me to acquire theskills I need to live a good life while improving the lives of othersby contributing in building green cars. The hybrid motor vehicles arebecoming popular among the middle level class, as they want anautomobile that can help them to reduce the fuel costs, while at thesame time reducing carbon emissions.

Mybest friend became blind when he was just six years old. Since then,his self-esteem has significantly decreased. Since then, I feel aburdened with a responsibility of working for tech companies such asGoogle that are developing vehicles with features that are suitablefor the physically challenged individuals such as the blind. Infact, I have been conducting research on driver-free vehicles becauseI am interested to contribute in the development of the technology.My prowess in innovation and designing toy cars from scratch hasmarveled everyone. My aspirations is to collaborate with an academicskills that can hone my talent into cuttingedge engineering skills. Iunderstand that achieving my dream will not be a bed of roses, but Iam a hardboiled go-getter who stops at nothing less than originalambition.

Otherthan just cars, I like travelling, hiking, and going for longhome-away road trips. Reading is my second-best hobby from cars. Someof the greatest minds in car manufacturing industry I haveencountered in my reading are graduates from the University ofFlorida, or alumni of the institution have shaped them. Thetestimonies are too many such that I sure, that I will join therecord of the few grateful people whom the institution has shaped.