“The Good Life” Personal Statement

&quotTheGood Life&quot Personal Statement

The&quotgood life” is a notion of living with the achievements that aperson has planned to achieve in life and using the achievement toinfluence others to success. This creates a feeling of happiness onboth the person and the community for all of us live to share thegood life. The main reason that I apply to study at the University ofFlorida is to fulfill my pursuit of engineering success that willtranslate into happiness. With ambitions of developing my roboticsand perfecting NASCARand automobiles, I believe my good life will translate to uniquehappiness.However, living a good life is a relative notion that varies withtime, age, social class and educational qualification. Therefore, Iwill use my happiness to influence other people to live a good life.

Myundergraduate experience at the university will prepare me for thefulfilling life that I always endeavor to live. This preparation inthe undergraduate will be the first instance of “the good life”that the university will give me. In addition, the university willprepare me for the good life in many other ways that I intend todiscuss, as an illustration of my preference for the institution.

Myundergraduate experience at the University of Florida will impart mewith an education that will be fundamental in building my engineeringcareer. The university will impart important skills that will help meto develop my engineering profession that will be part of the goodlife that I intend to live. By preparing me for a career and aprofession, the University of Florida will have cemented a pillar ofhappiness and good life in my world.

Theundergraduate experience will open me to the social skills that agood life requires. At the university, I will interact with manystudents and learn how to build healthy social relationships. Thiswill be instrumental in the development of a good engineering careerand a professional life. To live a good life, one should have goodsocial and life skills that promote good relationships, both at thepersonal and community level. Therefore, the undergraduate experienceat the university will be instrumental in shaping my social skills tothe success of my friendships and communal relationships. Mostimportantly, the experience will mold me to be a team player anddevelop communal skills since I will have shared with colleagues aswe learn together.

Theundergraduate experience at the university will open me to the worldof leadership by giving me a platform to work with other students. Asa respected institution in leadership, I will gain the skills ofleading and influencing others, which is an important element ofliving a good life. As stated, having a good life entails passing theconcepts of good life and happiness to other people. This is onlypossible if I will be able to influence them through leadershipskills that I will learn at the University of Florida.

Thenotion of &quotthe good life” entails living to achieve my plansand using the success to influence others towards realizing theirgood life. This calls for educational, personal and professionalskills that will shape my life towards success and leading others.These are the main areas that my undergraduate experience at theUniversity of Florida will prepare me to live “the good life” asan engineer. Therefore, I humbly request the admission to thisuniversity, so as to develop the skills as a student and eventuallyalumni of the institution.