The Evolution of Twitter Logo Bird

TheEvolution of Twitter Logo Bird


Twitteris classified among the leading social websites. Jack Dorsey, anAmerican entrepreneur and web developer, founded the website in 2006.The service is offered internationally in multiple languages. Thewebsite has over 500 million users, but user statistics indicatesthat only 271 million users are active service users (Bowman 1). TheTwitter logo has contributed significantly to the visual popularityof the website since its establishment. The website foundersallegedly purchased the logo, famously known as “The Twitter Bird”from a stock photo banks for six dollars. The company has thenredesigned the original bird to give it an enhanced professionalimage. The logo has transformed into an ingenious design that canpropel the website into the limelight with just the sight of the birdand no words (Twitter Logo 1). According to Johnson (2012), theorganization claimed that the logo it launched in 2012 was the finalchange that the fans of the website would experience (Johnson 1).This essay will evaluate the inventive geometry that was applied inthe development of the new logo. The review will also determinewhether the design is better or worse than previous logos the companyhas used. Lastly, the review will also analyze whether there is thesecret magic involved in logo designed using circles.

Twitterdevelopers have unanimously agreed that the bird will be the soleunique logo of the organization. However, the developers haveoccasionally modified the bird to give it a slightly differentappearance. Back in June 2012, the organization released a moreplayful and simpler edition of the previous bird featuring anoverturned beak and modified haircut. The present bird signifieshope, freedom, and happiness. The design is derived from the conceptof perfect circles. Over time, the logo has become of the most famousin the world. In addition to the physical design, the blue colorinherent to the Twitter logo symbolizes commitment, communication,and reliability of the service. On the other hand, the white colorsymbolizes emotion and purity (Twitter Logo 1).

Asignificant feature of the new Twitter bird launched in 2012 is thatthe bird is on the flight. The previous logo made the bird appear asif it was gliding along a horizontal position. The improved flightposition is a symbol of the fast development of the organization.


Previously,the bird was accompanied by a small case letter “t” because theicon alone was not an internationally recognized symbol. However, thelogo developers emphasized that the website will be represented bythe simplified bird alone. During the release of the release of thenew company’s logo in 2012, the developers updated in the company’sblog asserted that the company’s passion for ornithology, simplegeometry and creative constraints inspired the design. After thecompany launched a new design, the creative director, Doug Bowman,posted a message on the organization’s blog tat stated, “Startingtoday you’ll begin to notice a simplified Twitter bird. From nowon, this bird will be the universally recognizable symbol of Twitter.(Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter.) There’s no longer aneed for text, bubbled typefaces, or a lowercase “t” to representTwitter(Johnson 1).” The words free design joins a special class of elitelogos such as Apple, Target, Nike and Starbucks. The companies are sobig and famous worldwide such that their customers can identify thebrand with just an icon.

Thenew bird`s design is based on three overlying circles. Theintersecting circles are similar to the interconnection the websiteoffers on the ideas, networks and interests. Besides, the sitefacilitates intersection of peers and friends. This implies that thecurrent physical appearance of the Twitter logo is symbolic as it isa symbol of connection between friends, organizations and otherpartners that share the icon (Bowman 1).

Thepresent bird is also flying high in the sky, probably so that it canhave a broader view of the earth’s surface. Irrespective whether abird is flying either alone or in a flock with intention of achievinga defined objective, flying birds symbolizes hope, freedom, andinfinite possibility. Probably, the creative designer, Bowman,intended the logo to state the mission of the organization too. Thecompany’s mission is, “Togive everyone the power to create and share ideas and informationinstantly, without barriers (Bowman1).” Considering that Twitter Inc. has produced a variety ofinnovative products previously such as Square, Inc. and DispatchRouting, the icon could be a preparation for the introduction of newinventions that would enhance instant communication. For instance,Twitter announced previously that it was planning to do away withpasswords and CAPTCHAs, which are used as security checks (Lee 1).Instead, the tweeter users would be required to use their telephonenumbers when browsing. The move is intended to make accessing theaccounts easy as the security checks are tedious. Beyond, many peopleoccasionally forget their passwords thus, having limited access totheir fan pages (Lee 1).

Rebrandingthe company

TheTwitterbird is a straightforward and ubiquitous icon. Each time thelogo appears, an individual instantly associates it with theorganization. Originally, the icon was called “Larry Bird”, butthe creative designers have renamed it “Twitteris the bird, the bird is Twitter”(Johnson 1). It appears the company is planning to venture intoproducing alternative products. For example, the in-house developershave developed a variety of applications intended to be used in thetelephones. The Larry bird officially died after the new logo wasintroduced.

TheBird`s Evolution

Theoriginal bird, the company, acquired from the stock bank faced on theleft side. It was also a slim bird with feet. However, Biz Stone andPhilip Pascuzzo reinvented the bird in 2009 since the images from thestock bank cannot be used as a logo. The bird had cartoonishfeatures. However, the designers improved the logo a year later(Rehak 1). The cartoonish features were suppressed in the improvededition. Finally, Bowman redesigned the present logo in 2012. Some ofthe notable changes that the new logo has incorporated include ascaled down cartoon head, removal of one ridge from the wings, andthe fluffed head is now a smooth circle.


Thenew Twitterbird is designed using perfect circles. The objective ofusing the circles is ensuring that the final icon is visuallyimpressive and unique. Examples of other companies that have usedsimilar trick to designing their logos include Pepsi and Apple(Johnson 1). The logos are unique and recognized worldwide evenwithout words. Twitter has joined the league of internationalcompanies through launching a simplified logo bearing no writtenwords.

Thevalue of the improved logo

Afterunderstanding that the new Twitter logo conforms to the geometrycircles, one may wonder the significance of the effort (Johnson 1).Besides, an individual cannot fail to realize that there are manyother logos that are defined by the golden ratio. Several designersfeel intimidated when they see logos created from using circles(McFedries 34). Some creative design artists have asserted that theperfect circle geometry is intended for individuals who missed somespecial skills in college. Nevertheless, it is a unique technique forachieving a well-balanced logo.

Accordingto DesignShack,there is no magic formula that designers use to achieve absoluteperfection. Every artist uses a unique approach to design a balancedimage, and the perfect circles are one of the strategies (Johnson 1).This implies that it is not intended to make a logo mysterious orcomplex, but it gives the image balance and art consistency.

Aunique feature in the present logo is that the degree of curvature isconsistent throughout (Bowman 1). This is unlike the previous logosthat feature varying curvature because the outline was hand drawn(Johnson 1). The integration of circles in making the outline washelped the designing team to achieve a simple and clean appearancethat functions excellently as a brand image.


Themessage the new Twitter logo is conveying is that a professional iconrequires some mathematical skills to achieve perfect proportions(Johnson 1). The perfect circles ensure to provide logical andconsistent spacing with both angles and curves where they arerequired while deliberately inconsistent at other regions.


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