The Effects of Online Life


October 28, 2014

TheEffects of Online Life


TheEffects Of Online Life.

Technologyhas its own negative as well as positive effects on an individual’slife. This will depend with the perspective at which the individualis looking at it. The manner in which an individual makes use oftechnology matters a lot. In some cases, you will find people soclued to their online lives that they forget they have a normal lifeto live. Some will start to neglect even their families since it willbe hard for them to multitask between their normal lives and onlinelives. There are two articles that this paper will compare on thistopic. The articles are about technology. This paper compares thearticles of Matt Richtel and Nicholas Carr. The paper intends to showhow the ideas of these two articles are similar or different.

Inthe article of ‘Tracking Is an Assault on Liberty with RealDangers’, Nicholas Carr points out that advances in technology,especially in the field of electronic communication constitutes agreat danger to an individual’s privacy. Carr thinks that Internethas robbed the human nature off its privacy thus exposing almosteverything about an individual. His idea is that when someone goes onthe internet, he or she thinks she is anonymous thus making themtreat the Net as a place to shop or a personal diary. Most of thesites that an individual visits through IP addresses, user names andcredit card numbers exposemore details about that individual. Usingvarious mining software, it is very easy to find out informationabout an individual’s private life on the internet, Carr argues.Carr says that the deeper our lives are entangled in the Internet,the more exposed we become. He adds that in as much as it is truethat a human being is a social being, he is also a private being sohis private life should be left alone.

‘Attachedto Technology and Paying a Price’ is an article written by MattRichtel. In this article, he says that according to research, ouraptitude to concentrate is being dented by eruptions of informationdue to technology. He gives an example of Mr. Campbell who is unableto balance his family life and technology since he spends too muchtime online. Richtel says that according to the research,multitasking is not necessarily productive. It is hard forindividuals who heavily multitask to focus and to shut outun-important info. This leads to poor or even zero stressmanagement.Richtel says that human brain, to some extent, continuesto developdue to modernlearning skills, unlike in the past 15 yearswhen it was thought that the brain stops developing after childhood.This is what the scientists have found out. He says that some peoplecan easily multitask but others cannot. According to this article,there is still a huge debate whether technology’s effect onbehavior and the brain is of positive or negative impact. The articlealso shows a research that displays contradicting info onmultitasking. In overall, Richtel says technology has reduced powerof focus in individuals.

Thesetwo articles are similar in the sense that they are both condemningtechnology in a way. Richtel says technology reduces focus and Carrsays it robs one’s privacy. Primarily, both articles think thattechnology advancement has a negative toll.