Technology of the Future

Technologyof the Future

Technologyof the Future

Today,one cannot talk about development and economic prosperity withoutmentioning technological influence. Technology is dominating ourlives. Whether in school, home or in the workplace, the effects oftechnology cannot be ignored. Today, one is their phone, tablet or PCdoing this or that. Technology, especially computer technology ischanging the way we interact, socialize, communicate, learn, dobusiness or entertains ourselves. The rate at which technologyevolves is swift and catching up with it can sometimes be difficult.In the next five to ten years, we expect even more developments intechnology that will change our lives positively. But not everytechnology has positive influence anyone will agree that technologycan bring about inequality in the society. When a new iPhone 6 islaunched, how many people can afford it particularly in developingeconomies? Nevertheless, technology of the future will have a greatimpact in the way we live. There are three observations that weremade technology will continue developing, it will make life easier,and it will be more fun with technology.

Technologicaldevelopments will continue growing in the future. With the increasingeconomic prosperity, countries are continuously investing in researchand development of technology to enhance the living standards of itspeople in various sectors including food security, health and safety,education, entertainment, security as well as in national security.The United States for example has over the years developed itsmilitary technology making it one of the swiftest militaries in theworld. This has earned it international respect in terms ofpreparedness and efficiency of its military. In addition, there isincreasing competition in the corporate world. Businesses want toremain relevant and profitable in the long run. For example,technology companies like Google Inc., Apple, and Samsung arecontinuously developing their technologies to outsmart or at least bein the same level with their competitors. This has made it evidentthat, the future of technology is bright. Individuals on the otherhand want to make use of technology in making their lives better.

Technologymakes life much easier. With technology, people are able to do morethings at a time. For example, a job that traditionally needed tenpeople to accomplish can be handled by one individual. In the future,we expect this to even improve further, enabling one person toexecute the work of a hundred people or more. Although this isusually seen as a negative effect of technology, since createsunemployment, the bigger picture is positive. If for instance oneperson can do the work of a hundred people, it means that the levelof economic development will increase a hundred folds. This growthwill help improve the lives of the people, and not necessarily denythem jobs. As seen in the video “Future Vision”, people are ableto handle work related responsibilities at home, have time with theirfamilies, and also be able to get entertained. Ultimately, technologyof the future will continue enhancing our experiences of personal andwork life.

Withtechnology, life will become more fun! The video concept onMicrosoft’s Future Vision shows a situation where one will be ableto use their tablet in various forms and shapes. One can spread itand read a paper, use it to take photos and integrate them in toprojects such as architectural designs among other things. This meansthat, with technology we will not only be able to do more, but willbe fun to do more. Imagine a place where one can put theirimagination into perspective. Yes, that’s the future of technology.It will enable people to communicate more effectively, expressthemselves in real time, share moments together in an effective way,which are just of the few things that technology can do.Technological advancements of the future hold great potentials forenhancement of human life. With hope that the barriers that we facein the use of today’s technology will be addressed in the futuretechnologies, it will be more fun and safe with technology. Forexample, if the technology of the future addresses security issues,there will be no need to worry about internet fraud since technologyof the future will be able to arrest such shortcomings.

Ultimately,technology of the future is real. In the coming few years, we shouldexpect to see more changes, more developments and new technologicalinnovations. These developments will definitely make our jobs mucheasier and our lives more fun. As a result, the future will be evenbetter. The future generations stands to be the greatestbeneficiaries of the future technology. Keeping up with technologywill not be that easy though. Most emerging technologies for exampleare very expensive and affordable to a few people. Majority of peoplein the developing economies may not be able to enjoy suchtechnologies, which may create inequality. However, to overcome thischallenge, there is need for technology firms to review the price oftechnologies to allow as many people as possible to enjoy and benefitfrom technology. Another concern is the ability of technologies todeter socialization. Depending on how one uses technology, it can beof great benefit.