Substantive Response



I totally agree with you that understanding the foundations ofscholarly research and applying it in global community andprofessional life is significant. Furthermore, I couldn’t agreewith you lesser on using the disposition to learn and discover yourdoctoral studies. However, I strongly believe that refining yourprofessional and personal practices can best be done by selfreflection on what you have experienced in the past. Like your chosendoctoral disposition you will have positive gains in different areasthrough what you learn and discover. Moreover, you will be able toapply reflective thinking which is essential for learning improvement(Kirby &amp Lawson, 2012).

I believe that this disposition will offer you an opportunity toreceive feedback from the supervisor and colleagues on areas toimprove your professional skills. In addition to this, you will be toreply proactively to the supervisor assessment.


Its brilliant of you to learn online and get a master degree not onlydoes it show your commitment to leaning but also your ability tonavigate the online environment. The following is what I think youneed to improve higher. High expectation: here you set realisticexpectation in order to enjoy success the high expectation thereforewill be demonstrated by pointing out your weakness and strengththrough assessment. Respect for other people diversity this willinvolve accepting diversity (Diez &amp Raths, 2007).

On the areas you show weakness on that is researching and writing youcan rest assured that many other student suffer the same problem. Toovercome this weaknesses all you need to do is practice and practiceuntil you perfect it


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