Counterintelligenceis defined as the act of carrying out activities designed to preventor thwart spying, intelligence gathering and sabotage by an enemy orother foreign entity.

ShermanKents’ Strategic Intelligence for America World 1Policydefines counterintelligence as embracing both, ‘informationgathered’ and ‘activities conducted’ to counter foreignintelligence threats. It is the job of counterintelligence personnelto identify, assess, neutralize and exploit the intelligenceactivities of foreign powers, terrorist groups, and other entitiesthat seek to hurt us. Sound security measures are unquestionablyvital and the main purpose of counterintelligence is to confront andtake on the adversary.2


Inthe movie count five and die, a series of events on counterintelligence do occur and are quite evident that it is important instrategic military planning. The main actors Capt. Bill Ranson andMajor Howard do bring forth a well strategized plan on the Alliedinvasion at Normandy where they pose of as documentary filmmakersfrom Arista Films. The team’s mission is to make the Germansbelieve that the Allies will launch their invasion in Holland, thusassuring that the Germans will deploy their troops to Holland,leaving the Normandy site unguarded.

Thoughall this is well strategized, there are some security errors that aremade by allies and the Germans, as they undertake their differentmissions.

Unsecuredcommand base premise

Theallies do pull of an unrealistic move by letting their commandlocation be unguarded over the night that Capt. Ranson and Rolandeare on a dinner together. Though this seems smart for Major Howard,the part of being careless in securing vital information that theallies viewed as important would ring a doubtful bell to the Germans.Though this is well countered by the arrival of Rolande and theCaptain at their offices, the sense of having unguarded informationwould have brought about doubts in the authenticity of theinformation though it was already corrupted.

Moreto that, another security error observed is where Rolande’s coverwas almost blown by one of the Germans that was shot and left in thehands of Rolande to guard him. This is seen where the agent tries tocommunicate with Rolande in German, thereby putting her at risk ofbeing exposed of as a German agent.

Furtherto that, Rolande is quickly absorbed into the allies system which isas soon as she arrives as a replacement of Jan, the radio presenter.No interrogation of her whereabouts is done to her and she is quicklyoriented and inducted into the team. The lack of an investigativecheck on her gives her an upper hand in manipulating the minds of theother allies in their work place and she is able to get intelligenceof what is to happen where and when.

Onthe other hand, there are other errors made by the allies in theplotting of the invasion which almost jeopardize the success of themission. Some of these errors are:

Personalinvolvement of individuals in the work place

Severaltypes of bonding and relationships are created during the undertakingof the mission. The captain falls into a love affair with Rolandewhich is a threat to the success of the mission. This purported loveaffair almost jeopardizes the success of the mission for which thecaptain’s judgment is questionable with the matter pertainingRolande being a German spy.

Moreto that, the involvement of Prof.Mulder`s young son Willem in the mission is a blunder that shouldhave never been done. With the child involved by the fact that thefather is one of the persons in the undertakings of the invasion,this then jeopardizes the success of the mission as it turns out,where Willem is kidnapped by the Germans who are in pursuit ofinformation appertaining the Holland invasion. This then leads to theProfessor telling of his fears to Rolande of the invasion, not beingat the planned location but in another probable place, which givesthe Germans a hint of what was being planned by the allies.

Levelof secrecy

Thelevel of secrecy was highly wanting in the allies camp as most oftheir activities were countered during the implementation stages ofthe same. The same is for seen where Piet and Jan are held hostage inGerman after they are captured. If their whereabouts on the missionsallocated to them would remain a secret, this would not lead theagents into dens that would endanger their lives.


Theallied forces play a series of counter intelligence scenarios whichare well planned and strategic in the undertaking of the mission.This counter intelligence helps in changing the perception of Rolandewho had already clued down the way forward of the invasion. Throughthe maneuvers act of the captain, she is convinced that the invasionis to take place in Holland and not at Normandy as she first thoughtof.


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