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Goalsto Pursue After Graduation

Asmy graduation draws near, I have a list of plans and goals that Iwould find pleasure in achieving. Firstly, once the graduation isover, I intend to pursue my Masters degree as I believe it will playan important role in achieving other dreams I have. For instance, mydream cars include the Ranger rover sport and S65 AMG which, needlessto say, are quite expensive. In order to have this dream realized, Iwill need a well-paying job. For me to get such a job, I would needto have outstanding academic qualifications thus the need to pursuemy master’s degree.

TheUniversity of Bridgeport (UB) is my preferred place to pursue thisdegree since it helps students in gaining the much-needed experienceby collaborating with banks for attachments. However, in case I donot secure a place in this institution, England will be my nextoption. Secondly, working in Saudi Arabia for companies like Sabicand Saudi Aramco is a goal I would like to achieve since these do payhandsomely not to mention the experience I will gain. Additionally,Saudi Airlines is also a good company though it does not pay as muchcompared to the other two but does offer free tickets for its staff.

Besidesworking for these companies, an additional goal is to visit Spainwith an aim to watch my favorite club- Real Madrid- play since to me,they are the all-time champions. Again, touring the Earth is a goal Idesire to achieve as I observe the beauty of this world. Finally, Ihold the view that getting married is a sure way to be stable, andthis will be another goal to achieve.