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TheBook of Job

Jobbelieved that he was a righteous man and that he did not deserve thetrouble that he was going through. He believed in God, who was allpowerful and mighty. The book of job tries to look at suffering froma righteous man’s perspective. What could be the cause of thesuffering? Can suffering be a test? Can God allow the innocent tosuffer? These questions are addressed in the story of Job. There arethose who feel that there are no satisfactory answers to thesequestions. This essay will address these issues and the lessons thatone can learn from the story of Job.

Thebook of Job is poetic with the author giving scenarios in the form ofa narrative. The first chapter begins by describing Job. He is anupright man who feared God and sin. Job was a rich man with a familyof ten children and a wife. Besides these, he had a lot of cattle,and he was a great man in the East. Job lost all this wealth andchildren. That was a great test on his faith.

Satanin this book is depicted as an opponent. Before the story of job,suffering was seen as a consequence of sin: as a form of punishmentbut in this book, a new perspective is brought up. Here, suffering isa form of a test. Satan tells God that if job goes through misery, hewill not obey. When God allows satan to test him, he still does notdisobey God.

Threeof his friends visit him and try to tell him that his misery could bebecause of his misdeeds, but Job believing that he is righteous, doesnot agree with them. The suffering of Job gets to the point that hisspouse tells him to curse God. Job cannot bring himself to do this.This narrative ends with Job seeing fault on his side and calls onGod. He admits that there are times that he has been angry with God.After repenting, God directs him to pray for his friends for theirsins to be forgiven. In the end, job gains back his wealth in adouble fold.

Thisstory is important in that it touches on a new perspective ofsuffering. To the reader, the friends of Job are unwise, they seemnaive. To them, suffering is only caused by sin, but we are shownthat it is not always the case. The kind of love that man claims tolove God seems like a bargain. For instance, Job does not see thereason an innocent man should suffer, and yet there are evil peopleliving without any suffering.

Ifwe look at the characters in this story, the friends of Job representthe people on earth. People seem to be blind to the real picture.From a reader’s point, you can tell why Job is suffering, but thecharacters are not aware. The same case happens where God knows thereason man is going through a certain phase, but man does notunderstand anything at all. Man should look at suffering from adifferent angle.

Inmy judgment, this was not a fair deal to job. He reaches a point andblames himself for his suffering. After all, everybody thinks that heis responsible for his suffering. Losing one’s family and wealth isnot fair especially when you do not know what will come in thefuture. Job did not deserve the amount of misery that he wentthrough.

Thereason God allows evil to fall on Job is to show that God’sintegrity and wisdom are true. Satan, who had not even been invitedin the Heaven’s Council meeting, tells God that he had seen Job inhis trip around the earth. He claims that if given the chance to putJob to test, Job will fall and disobey God. Even though Job gets tothe point of getting angry at God, he does not curse God as his wifeadvises him.

Thestory of Job even though with a good ending is not what one wouldlove to go through. But again, this emphasizes that man’s love andobedience to God seems like a bargain. Man does not want wickedthings to happen, and that is why he is obedient.

Thisstory is bringing out the themes of sin and punishment. Punishment isafter failing to do an obligation, but it is not always the case. Inthe monotheism form of worship, the God of Israel is true and a justGod. Evil can befall on all people even the good ones to serve as alesson or to pass a message to others. Job went through suffering butat the end of it all he emerged victoriously. His daughters were themost beautiful lasses in the land and his wealth multiplied twicemore than what he had before. Suffering is not always as a form ofpunishment it could be a test.