Student Learning Log

Learning Outcome Assessment

Name ID #Section # October21, 2014 Chapter: # 3

Purpose:This Learning Log is a written record of your learning progress. Itallows you to enhance your learning by reflecting on what you learnedfrom the lecture or activity presented in class

Before Chapter Presentation

Skim through the chapter and make a note of words or concepts that are new to you

  1. Managing Egocentrism

  1. 3 functions of the mind

  1. Special relationship with mind

Predict- what do you think these words or concepts mean?

  1. I think that being egocentric is a normal thing in life, and that it does not affect our life, because it is part of life. Therefore, I don’t think it requires monitoring

  1. I knew that the mind performs several functions, but I did not think they are simply in three categories

  1. I think there is no relationship because the mind is part of me.

During Chapter Presentation

What are the main ideas / key points from the chapter?

  1. Monitoring egocentrism is key to self-understanding

  1. Fair-Mindedness is important for critical thinking

What connections can you make with the reading?

  1. Reading through the chapter opens me to a very important lesson that I should constantly monitor my ego as a way of controlling egocentrism. This is will connect to my ability to understand myself

  1. I now realize why I believe what I know and think that it is the only knowledge that relates to the reality. Now I appreciate the importance of fair-mindedness as an element of understanding myself

After Chapter Presentation

Do you have any questions about the material presented? What didn’t you understand?

I understood everything in this chapter.

Therefore, I have no questions about the materials presented

What do you want to learn more about? What did you find interesting?

I would like to learn more about the special relationship between me and the mind

This is what I found to be very interesting