Student Assessment




Assessinga student is one of the essential procedures so as to know astudent’s level of knowledge. This allows room for knowing thestudent’s weaknesses and strengths. An assessor has the priority ofchoosing any appropriate measures to assess the student depending onthe field of study. The following is an assessment on how to write agood research essay that was administered to the student.





ESSAY CONTENT.( ability to follow instructions.)

MECHANISM OF WRITING. (Spelling and sentence structure.)

PAPER FORMAT. (The front page.)


Belowis a bar chart showing the results of assessment of student A.


Fromthe bar chart above, there are several conclusions that can bededuced from it. First and foremost, is the area of weaknesses thestudent portrays unsatisfactory in the paper formatting. Despite thepaper format carrying 5% of the total weight, the student should havea clear understanding of how the paper should be formatted (whatshould be contained in the front page and also how the pages shouldbe numbered.) it is also essential for the student to know what toinclude in the head notes. In this case, the student needs an urgentattendance so as to be taught on how to write a good paper format.This should be done by grouping the student with other students witha clear understanding on paper formatting so as to assist him. Alsoit is believed that students understand each other better. Theteacher may also schedule his time and call the student personally soas to assist him on how to write a good paper format. The student canalso visit some websites on paper formatting such as, 2009).

Fromthe bar chart above, we can also deduce that the student has aweakness in the research citation. From the assessment according tothe graph, student A attained 20% which from the scale, implies thatit is less than satisfactory. Despite the research citationscontributing to only 5% of the total weight, it is essential for thestudent to always acknowledge his materials throughout his researchcourse. Failure for the student to acknowledge other people’s workcan be accused of plagiarism which is a very serious offence. Fromthe results, the student needs to learn more about the differentcitation styles. This will be more efficient when a student puts morepractice on citing different materials articles, magazines,gazettes, books and even websites using different citationtechniques. This will be possible when the student meets the teacherfor tutorials on citation methods. The student can also make effortof meeting their friends with the idea about different citationstyles and ask for assistance. A student can also opt to visit citesthat offers assistance on proper citation styles or even book thatoffers guidelines on proper citation styles (Smith, 2000).

Fromthe above bar chart, the student also needs assistance on mechanismof writing since he attained 34% which is less than satisfactory.Mechanism of writing entails spelling, punctuation, grammar andlanguage use. Frequent and repetitive mechanical error oftendestructs the reader. Less than satisfactory in mechanism of writingimplies inconsistence of language choice, sentence structure poorchoice of words. The student should ensure he has proper choice ofwords and also goo sentence structure. This will be possible when thestudent involves himself in regular grammar practices by testinghimself with questions about grammar and sentence structures. He canalso make an effort of requesting practice question from the teacher(Smith, 2000).

Constructionand interpretation of Charts is another weakness that student Afaces. He attained a mark of 50% which is still deduced to be lessthan satisfaction. Since charts contribute to 30% of the totalweight, the student should therefore put more emphasis on this. Thechart might be incomplete and does not demonstrate the elementarystudent’s understanding and areas needing support. It also impliesthat no outside source was used to support major points in hisresearch (Erwin 1991).

Otherthan the student’s weaknesses, there are also his strengths thanneeds to be appreciated. The student portrays better marks on essaycontent, argument and logic construction and the thesis developmentand purpose. Essay content which contributes to 30% of the totalweight, student A managed to score 95% which is recommendable. On theother hand, argument and logic construction contributes 10% of thetotal weight. Student A registered a mark of 75% which issatisfaction and recommended though need to improve on it to hit 80%mark tag. Lastly, thesis development and purpose, though contributing5% of the total weight student A scored a mark of 85 which is highlyrecommendable.

Thestudent must ensure that he is perfect in all sectors in order to bea good research writer.


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