Stanley Lynch`s Organization

StanleyLynch`s Organization

1.Give an example of differentiation in Stanley Lynch`s organizationstructure and an example of integration in this structure.

Anexample of differentiation in Stanley Lynch`s organization structureincludes the structure composed of twelve distinct investment funds,with each operating under autonomous departments. The IT departmentin the organization also contains sixty-eight employees, but they aresubdivided into twelve small autonomous groups to serve each fund(Weick, 2012).

2.What role did authority play in the adoption of the wiki by the ITdivision at Stanley Lynch?

Theauthority played a significant role in encouraging the Stanley LynchIT staff to adopt the wiki as the manager had to give an order thateveryone was supposed to upload work in the wiki. Kundra developedthe Wiki with his five designated members, and then informed two highofficials that reported to the Chief Information Officer (CIO)thatthe managers required the IT technicians to store their complete workand programs in the system, which is accessible to all theinformation technology staff. After displaying how the wiki operates,and its benefits, the order was implemented without consultingindividual technicians. Probably, some junior employees could haveopposed the decision, but they could not defy a direction from thetop managers. Authority makes the implementation process of newrecommendations easy because as the managers have legitimateauthority to implement major changes within an organization (Weick,2012).

3.Describe how the IT division used coordination to achieve greaterintegration?

TheIT department in Lynch organization achieved integration throughcreating a wiki where all the IT technicians from all the departmentswere supposed to store their complete projects, available software,and information concerning their ongoing tasks. The wiki was a shareddatabase that every IT technician could access. This implies thatindependent IT staff from another organization can easily access atask that was completed by another group. Besides, they can alsoaccess software that are used by groups serving different fundswithin the organization (Weick, 2012).


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