Stakeholder Relationships





Itis important for health care administrators to pay attention to bothinternal influences and the internal operations of an organizationbecause they influence the general management of a health caresystem. They enhance the management of risks related to theorganization. Internal and external influences enhance the operationof the organization because for it to run smoothly there should be aninterrelationship between the internal and external environment.Examples of external forces include technology, economic, andpolitical factors and an example of internal influences are themanagement among administrators (,2014).


Externalinfluences refer to factors that are not under the control of theorganization. External influences that are relevant to myorganization include sociological trends for instance, the manner inwhich individuals work, technological innovations that entail comingup with new technological ideas, economic factors that entail thetype of competition that the organization faces. Other factorsinclude government rules and regulations.


Theexternal influence that I believe is significantly important ismedical technology. This is because it is through technology that theorganization has new diagnostic procedures, improved devices anddrugs that improve the quality of life of various individuals. Italso has an influence on various health policies in terms ofevaluation to make sure that there is efficacy, quality, safety, andeffectiveness. Health care administrators that use several medicaltechnologies are in a position to contain the expenses and improvethe quality of health care provided to patients (Fennell,2008).


Theexternal influence of medical technology has changed over timebecause it has resulted in various changes in the health careorganization. For instance, it has reduced errors when it comes tocapturing patient information in terms of misdiagnosis. It has alsomade follow up for patients quite easy. The administration of healthfacilities on daily basis has been made effective in budgeting,billing, and recording. Administrators in the health sector now relyon information technology to ensure that their health care servicesare patient centered.


Someof the changes that I anticipate with medical technology in future isthat it is not only administrators who will be using this technology,but every health worker in the health organization. This will have apositive impact on my organization because it makes coordination andwork easier. For instance, one will not be required to move withpatients files from one office to the other because this can be donethrough the use of various devices within the organization. It willalso improve record keeping because with the use of medicaltechnology information will be stored on a particular which is moreeffective than storing information in files (,2014).It will also result in transparency in work carried out by variousadministrators because it will be very easy to evaluate the work ofevery person.

Ialso anticipate that the health organization require skilled manpowerto use various information systems. There is need for training to bedone on health care workers in order to improve the quality ofservice delivery.


Iwill stay informed with regard to this external influence through theorganization and media. This is because my organization ensures thatall stakeholders are informed of any new development in theorganization. I will be informed of all the external influencesthrough receiving information from my administrators.

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