Speech Technology-Voice Recognition

SpeechTechnology-Voice Recognition


SilverSprings Software Company


7thOctober, 2014.

ToThe C.E.O Chandaria Textile Company

P.O.Box 4342




SilverSprings Software Company, hereby, write to you by letting you know what it offers in the marketing strategies in terms of developing andinstallation of Speech Technology softwares to business companies.The company’s effort is to let all customers world over enjoymarketing services regardless of their disabilities to suit theirneeds, requirements and choices.

Thecompany deals with developing of Speech Technology- Voice RecognitionSoftwares. As a company, we have the required software that suiteyour business marketing strategies, this will enable your customersenjoy your services even more than before and by doing so, yourcompany will increase its revenues and market share. This type oftechnology suites the requirements of all customers regardless oftheir unique disabilities.

Asa company, we look forward to hearing from you on the softwareproduct and other computer related services.



SliverSprings Software Company

SpeechTechnology-Voice Recognition

Theterm speech recognition and voice recognition are commonly usedinterchangeably speech recognition is converting speech to digitaldata, while voice recognition aims at identifying the person who isspeaking. Speech technology has many uses such as aiding people withdifferent types of disabilities such as voice, the hearing and theblind along with communication with computers without a keyboard. Italso enhances game software and aid in marketing goods and servicesby telephone. Recognition is used to simplify the task of translatingspeech currently many speech recognition software consumer systemsallow custom profiles of their voice making recognition easierexample of some of the speech recognition software include: voicerecognition software (speech recognition software, speech recognitionsoftware, accessibility software-assistive technology, custom speechcommands-voice control- voice command).

SpeechRecognition Software

Thiskind of software captures spoken words and converts them to text.This kind of technology is slowly making its way into our dailyenvironment such software is used for playing PC games by talking toyour PC, programs and robots, mashing up speech recognition via APIto desktop applications by allowing voice control of applications. Inregard to this kind of technology, it will increase customers moraleand therefore increasing the business selling strategy since it meetsall the customers needs.

AccessibilitySoftware-Assistive Technology

Thistype of technology is used to help those customers suffering fromsicknesses such as arthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunneland also hand, wrist or finger issues this software enables one byeliminating hundreds of keyboard and mouse clicks. This saves one`shands, wrist and fingers from wearing. It, therefore, makes it easyto program websites, folders, files, application programs byassociating them to speech commands.

CustomSpeech Commands-Voice Contol- Voice Command

SliverSprings software company allow users to have many folders, files andprograms on their PC which are regularly accessed therefore,one canown custom speech commands and associate them to a program, folder ora file on their PCs. In regard to this, a user might visit thecompany’s webpages regularly. Therefore, one can create their owncustom speech commands and be able to associate them with aparticular webpage and open a file, folder or webpage immediately bytaking to their PC via silver springs software company voicerecognition software.

Byincorporating this kind of technology in your company it will be ofgreat impact to the customers and hence the company will enjoy moreprofit which will make the company’s products largely consumedtherefore marketing its products widely.


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