Social Networking Sites are good for the Society

SocialNetworking Sites are good for the Society

Socialnetworking sites are important highlights of the technologicaldevelopments in the information and communication industry. Whilethere have been other developments in this field, none has been asinfluential as social media. Social media sites have influenced theopinion of the society by facilitating the spread of news andinformation. In the United States for instance, over 47% of adultsuse social media sites as per the 2011 report which reveals adevelopment from the previous years (Morejon1).Moreover, social media holds a primary role in the society, with bothpositive and negative influences. Therefore, no matter the level ofimpact on individuals, social networking sites are good for thesociety.

Oneof the main reasons why the social networking sites are good for thesociety is that it has enabled communication and interaction betweenpeople. Through social media, people connect with others and form orbuild existing relationships. This creates a platform where peopleshare information, ideas and issues that relate to them or relate tothe society at large (Noor9).A good example is how people connect to the people they know fromprevious interactions like in school or in childhood events.Therefore, it is logical to use social media to contact those peopleand share information of mutual benefit such as career or socialevents. This is because social media helps people to connect with alarge mass of people of the target group.

Socialnetworking sites have also facilitated the development of newbusiness platforms and empowered growth of businesses. The socialnetworking sites have become powerful tools of reaching out atcustomers with businesses by creating a platform that businesses canshare their profiles. The business platforms in the social networkingsites have empowered businesses to reach global markets and createeffective marketing campaigns (Noor19).For example, most of the women CEOs have found support groups forbusiness development and growth in the social networking sites. Thisis because social networking sites are able to touch the emotions ofpeople to connect with the business leaders who share the informationthat appeals to them most.

Socialnetworking sites are instrumental in the promotion of publicrelations functions and passing of communication with individuals,social, public and private organizations. Most of the organizationsin the current world have embraced social networking sites as coreplatforms of passing information to the public. Corporate informationthat is relevant to the stakeholders of organizations has beencommunicated conventionally through mainstream media like TVs, Radio,Newspapers and press releases. However, social media is good forposting of such information because the sites connect the targetaudience with the company (Noor16).For instance, most corporate organizations find it logical to usesocial networking sites to find employees because job seekers aremostly on social media as they look for potential employers.

Inaddition, the social networking sites are good for political, socialorder and governance. This is because social networking sites promotethe spread of opinions that are based on the ethics of the societyand create a platform of mass access to information about the breachof such ethics. Therefore, the significance of the social media forgovernments is greatly felt by modern political systems. As a toolfor sharing information to the masses, social networking sites havefacilitated the forming of political or social opinion in thesociety. This has resulted to political changes in some countries. Agood example is the organization and implementation of thedemonstrations in the Arab countries such as Egypt that was mostlydone through the help of the social networking sites, Twitter andFacebook.

Moreover,social networking sites help the community as a means of getting newsand spreading information for the public consumption. According toMorejon(1),over 50% of the American population learn about the breaking newsfrom the social networking sites. In addition, the conventional mediause Facebook to present their news as part of their journalisticfunction. The social networking sites are good for the societybecause they give an opportunity for response and interaction betweenthe media houses and the public. This is one function that theconventional tri-media, TV, Radio and Newspapers could not achieveeffectively (Morejon1).Therefore, the social media is able to reflect the emotions of thepeople in relation to the news items shared.

Despitethe goodness of the social media, critics argue that the networkingsites have led to the deterioration of the social relationships.According to their argument, social media discourages face to facecommunication by giving people an easy alternative (Noor17).However, this is not true because social media has in fact promotedthe growth of personal relationships by facilitating face-to-facecommunication. Through social networking sites, people are able toconnect, share their contacts and organize face-to-face meetings. Tohelp people share their emotions online, the social networking sitesallow video communication while seeing each other. Moreover, thesocial networking sites have been credited with the formation of manypersonal relationships between people that led to marriage orbusiness deals.

Inaddition, the critics of the social networking sites argue that themedia allow the spread of unreliable information. They argue thatpeople use social media to pass negative or false information to themasses in the social networking sites. However, this is untruebecause the decision to rely on a piece of information lies with theusers of information. Just like any other media, social networkingsites provide opportunities for people to pass information.Therefore, it is not the problem of the social networking sites, butthe issue of those passing the information and the readers. In fact,social networking sites provide a platform for the authentic userssuch as proven media houses and government agencies to passinformation. Therefore, corporate bodies, governments and individualsdecide the type of information to share, which protects theirprivacy.


Socialnetworking sites have significantly impacted on the society byproviding platforms for people to connect and share. The diverseabilities of the social networking sites have been applied in everyaspect of the society. This ability makes the social media sites agood tool for communication in the society. This is because the sitesallow passing of information by individuals, organizations andgovernments. In addition, social networking sites help the spread ofnews and information of public interest. Additionally, social mediafacilitates governance and the spread of opinion through thepromotion of social order and ethics. By allowing people to connect,social networking sites promote face to face communication, contraryto critics. Moreover, social networking sites facilitate passing ofauthentic information, contrary to the critics’ argument ofnegative publicity. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that socialnetworking sites are good for the society.


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