Social Network Analysis

SocialNetwork Analysis

SocialNetwork Analysis

SocialNetwork Analysis has received overwhelming attention inmethodological discussions in the field of social sciences. Alsoimportantly, recent developments in the mathematical and computerfields have contributed significantly in .Social network analysis refers to mapping and measuring of flows andrelationships between individuals, groups, firms, computers orinformation processing entities[ CITATION Pre11 l 1033 ]. provides for a mathematical and visualanalysis of complex human systems. Social network analysis aims atunearthing people`s interaction patterns[ CITATION Pre11 l 1033 ].The purpose of this paper is to identify, examines and describesdata-collecting techniques utilized for .

Mostresearchers have a difficulty in deciding on data collection methodsin Social network analysis. During data collection, one shoulddetermine the reliability validity, accessibility and affordabilityof the data gathering tools. This study utilized both the primary andsecondary methods of data collection.

Theprimary method of data collections involved direct observation,experiments, survey and derivation[ CITATION Han14 l 1033 ].The secondary method involved the analysis of the writteninformation. There is no doubt that observation has been afundamental tool for data collection in social network data. Directobservation was utilized to collect data in order to identifypractices adopted by the targeted population. Surveys are widely usedto collect data on ties among actors. Surveys remain the vital sourceof network data for many situations in which direct observation,diaries and other methods of collecting network data are impractical.In survey data collection we have to consider the following dilemmas:which mode to use (telephone or face to face interview, mail or webquestionnaire. Secondary data collection involved the collection ofinformation from writtenbooks, discussions, published magazines and research from theinternet. Information data was retrieved from online databases.


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