Social Media to be Famous

SocialMedia to be Famous

SocialMedia to be Famous Outline

Thesisstatement: Social media plays a key role in enhancing severalinteractions among people the interactions helps such peopleexchange and share ideas and information in various networks as wellas in virtual communities.

  1. Introduction

  1. Define social media and highlight some of the common social media sites through which people interact.

  2. Highlight technologies that help social media create interactive platforms that help individuals and the society at large share and discuss ideas.

  1. Body

  1. Classification of social media

  1. There are several categories of social media that include but not limited tosocial networks, microblogging, internet forums, wikis, and podcasts.

  2. The most commonly used classification include social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

  1. Uses of social media

  1. For personal reasons for instance it help an individual keep in touch with his or her friends

  2. For business purposes like helping a company connect with its customers and consumers

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of social media

  1. Advantages: instant response to industrial developments, enhance improved customer services for business persons, as well as help people keep in touch with one another among others

  2. Disadvantages: encourages cyber crimes, businesspersons need to sacrifice extra resources to manage their social media presence

  1. Conclusion

  1. Show that I am almost finalizing on the topic by asking audience to share how social media has had an impact in their lives

  2. Restate thesis statement and highlight the chief points of the topic

  3. End by mentioning some of the individuals and companies that have succeeded in their work and businesses, thanks to social media


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