Similarity between photography and writing an essay

Similarity between photographyand writing an essay

The author of the articletalks about the similarities of writing an essay and taking aphotograph. Typically, a good essay and a good photo have so much incommon. The main similarities are narrowing a subject and landscapeclose-ups.

The first similarity betweentaking a good picture and writing a good essay is narrowing of thesubject. The main problem is not finding a topic, but understanding aproblem from a special angle. For instance, when students are askedto take a picture for the first time, most students took them at acommon angle. However, as time progressed and they took morepictures, students began taking them at a different angle. This isthe same with essay writing. When students are asked to write about acertain topic, many have a similar view at first. However, afterresearching on the same topic, students may have differing viewsabout the same topic. This is what makes a good essay.

The second similarity betweentaking a picture and writing an essay is ‘from landscape to closeups.’ A particular subject is long and too broad. Writing an essayrequires a close up, which narrows the boundaries of a topic. Forinstance, when deriving an essay from a book, one must extract themost relevant points from a larger content. Writers are supposed tolook at time, place, person, and story for them to narrow the subjectand make meaning in the essay. The same thing applies to takingpictures. A photographer should narrow the landscape and take themost relevant parts of the landscape. For instance, if a photographeris taking a photo of a tree, he/she must go close so as to focus onit.

It is evident that writing anessay and taking a photograph have a lot in common. A good photo anda good photograph should focus on narrowing down and close ups fromlandscape. These two similarities are what make a good photo and agood essay.