Seminar Questions





Thesport is subject to seemingly inescapable politicization because ofthe inseparability of the sports fandom and the essence of publicspectator involvement in the sport. This exists because of similarcore motivations of the bond between private spectators and publicfandom that leads to a common point of interest. Therefore, the riseof partisan communities in support of sports and exposure of the samein the media leads to political orientations associated with thesport.


DIYcitizenship is the status of recognizing people in a platform thatallows them to make choices for themselves and do things that concerntheir lives at their own will. DIY citizenship is practiced in themedia and public audiences that commonly relate to sports fandom insupporting their own choices. Sports fandom relates to DIYcitizenship by giving people the freedom to make the sportsorientation choice.


Representativedemocracy or the indirect democracy is the governance that givespeople a chance to be represented in decision making processes bytheir own elected people. On the other hand, participatory democracy,people participates in broad constituents and everybody is involvedin decision making. In the sporting world, participatory democracyallows people to make decisions, but they chose representatives underrepresentative democracy.


Individualfans trying to run a football club together would be an applicationof DIY Citizenship under participatory democracy. This would be abetter option since it promotes loyalty and a common sense ofownership. Therefore, I would consider being part of such anexperiment, either in the sporting or non-sporting context. This isbecause it would be a first hand opportunity of practicing thehighest level of sports fandom by running a club in a platform wherethe ideas and opinion of everybody is respected.