Self-Assessment Paper




Self-assessment is a very essential element of ensuring consistentpersonal growth. It helps in identifying the course one is heading.Additionally, it can help us in attaining superior results if weoften evaluate ourselves by asking relevant questions with respect toour own confidence level, technical expertise, sense ofresponsibility, attitude towards others and work, professionalism andorganizational management capabilities.

Solet me start with a self-evaluation of who I am as a learner. Tobegin with, I am an exquisite listener. I listen to the ideas andthoughts of other people without bias. I became the person I am as anindividual through listening to tales, histories, stories, myths, andaccounts that are part of my colleagues, ethnicity, family, andcommunity. In addition, I am a perceiver. I utilize my senses toobserve what is not right and to acknowledge and learn from thelessons that are.

Thestrength I bring to the doctoral journey is I understand that I amthe key to my prosperity. I make my dreams and objectives and placemyself in a position to get them. I become a sponge and absorb themajority of the information, wisdom, and knowledge poured into me.Additionally, I am an interpersonal person. I am positively a teambuilder. I revel in being around individuals, and participating insocial and group exercises. I have an authentic compassion for theemotions of others. I am ready to relate, impart, and take part ingroup-environments. I am additionally an intrapersonal on occasion. Iam tuned into my qualities.

However,the area I need to develop is the prospect that &quotI am human andhuman is to error.&quot I need to change the conviction that &quotIwill not be effective at each endeavor I make.&quot I will need tocreate a determined demeanor that never quits attempting until I getwhat I need. The doctoral journey is long and needs steadiness andeagerness to learn keeping in mind the end goal to reap the fruits ofthe doctorate.

Inconclusion, the area of research interest I take along into thedoctoral journey is increasing my knowledge in corporate reputationand brand management. I need to investigate the areas of identity andreputation, corporate affiliations, and brand equity/dilution.Linking behavioral research findings to advertising administrationissues is one of a few topics of interest in my doctoral journey.