School Environment and Teaching Profession


SchoolEnvironment and Teaching Profession

SchoolEnvironment and Teaching Profession

Aschool environment refers to a combination of the physical and socialattributes that do create the perfect atmosphere for a perfectlearning experience. The school environment involves the managementof teachers, students, classroom procedures as well as educationmaterials. The school environment and teachers impact the student’slevel of achievement. The school environment should be in such a waythat it motivates the students to work much harder in school. Thegoal of this essay is to talk about or describe a change,introduction of a law or a reform that happened recently in the fieldof education. Also importantly, is to determine what level thechanges are happening in (district/national level) and the affectit’s having on education. For example, all school must have anEnglish class that must be at par with other international schools.

Itis now law in the United States that after teachers training, allprospective teachers must participate in professional fieldwork.Often the field work is part of a bachelor’s degree programs.Prospective teachers are assigned a class to teach under thesupervision of a licensed teacher. The teaching practice helps thenew teachers in practice to gain relevant skills and experience inthe real world situation. The supervision ensures that the kind ofteaching graduates released into the United States market are nothalf baked.

Itis vital to understand that earlier on legislation did not requirelicensing of private school teachers. However, with the currentlegislation both the private and public teachers have to meet theentire regulatory requirement in order to be licensed. The unitedState requirements for issuance of teaching licenses differ acrossvarious states. However, most of them include a bachelor`s degree,completion of the teaching practice program, completion of writingand math test skills and a supervised teaching experience.

Therefore,getting a bachelor`s degree in education from an accreditedinstitution in the country is one of the fastest ways to meet theteaching requirements in the country. However, new legislation in thecountry hasenabled individuals without a background in education to becometeachers. It is possible for an individual with years ofspecialization in a particular degree to join the teachingprofession. For example, the United States allows for the issuance ofteaching licenses to professional or experts who studied otherbachelor degree programs other than the field of education (Waldronet al., 2009). The new education program has been modified in a waythat the professions undertake a one to two years training in whichthey work as teachers but under the supervision of a licensedteacher.

Towardsthe realization of the United Arab Emirates 2021 education vision,The UAE is speedily hastening the implementation of the educationplan. The UAE government is widening and bridging its educationsystem by passing Legislations that will see it at par with othercountries in the world. At the core of the2021education vision is the widening of the English and scientificknowledge that will see UAE attainhighlevels of innovation in the country`s educational process. Wideningof the UAE education concept brings it at par with modern scientificideasthat leadto innovation that is in line with the UAE Vision 2021.UAE governmentLegislationsemphasis on the importance of developing a massive nationalevaluation testing criteria that is at a similar standard withinternational standards. The testing criteria will ensurestandardization of education standard towards collaborative educationthat is based on innovation and best utilization of modern technology

InUAE, new rules and regulations have been implemented so as to ensurethat all teachers in both public and private school register and takean examination so as to qualify for a teaching license. In additionto that, the new laws require the teachers to have a minimum degreein education from an accredited university or college. However, morechanges have to be effected to change the UAE government schoolsespecially in areas of personal, psychology culture and organizationaspects. Most teachers in UAE feel the need of trusted change in theeducation system. Mostteachers feel that most of the content they teach to the students isimposed upon them and therefore they lack the freedom to educate theyoung ones (Unesco, 2011). Many changes in the UAE education systemcontinue to be implemented over time. For example, Principals havebecome more supportive to teachers, implementation of change-basedeffective programs for teacher development. In addition, UAE hasimplemented an effective reward system to reward and encourageteachers. In addition, there has been great emphasis on well trainedteachers to all institutions especially government schools. Inthe year 2008, the United Arab Emirates launched the mentoringprogramme which aimed at assigning more than 50 schools out the 735that exist in UAE to the western school principals. The programmewas implemented by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of education.The programme aim is to facilitate the implementation of variousstrategies that will see UAE adopt the western methods of teaching inall its public schools. TheUAE government laid down regulations to set up the Abu DhabiEducational Council, which was tasked educational transformation inUAE. The institution has over the years laid strategies that havehelped transform the UAE education system. For example, the Abu Dhabieducation council made it mandatory for all individuals to enter orpursue any degree at the university levels to be fluent in English.In addition to that, new Legislations have been developed to ensurethat all mathematics and science lessons in all public educationinstitutions are taught in English language. In addition to that, thegovernment has laid emphasis on the Use of English language in theeducation sector. Also importantly, is the fact that the governmenthas emphasized on the need to employ bilingual teachers. Insummary, changes in the school environment have a great impact on thestudent’s ability to achieve high levels of excellence. In additionto that, the school environment instills virtues that will nurturethe kids into better and productive citizens in the future.Additionally, great emphasis should be laid upon teachers in terms oftheir training since they are directly involved in impartingknowledge to students. Also importantly, the continuous improvementof the teacher’s ability should be encouraged and enhanced in orderto improve service delivery to students. Also, importantly more andmore changes in the field of education should be encouraged in orderto ensure that the students of this nation learn relevant things inthe course of their education life. In conclusion, I would recommendthat teachers and other individuals with interests in the educationfield should undertake professional courses in order to gain moreinsights on the field of education. Professional courses makeposition the teacher to deal strategically with emerging issues.Profession courses have an impact the teachers and other individualsin the education field positively by relaying information about thecurrent trends in the society.Bibliography

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