Role of Forensic Science


Roleof Forensic Science

Roleof Forensic Science

Aftergathering information in a security investigation, forensic scienceplays a significant role in the analysis of the data. First, forensicscience provides a basis and tools for deeper and accurate analysisof the information to reveal more comprehensive details about what isbeing investigated (Ortmeier,2013). The comprehensiveand more forensic details of the information gathered helps theinvestigators to discover more evidence that will allow them to makeinformed and decisive judgments. Moreover, forensic science providesa better method of gathering information in the process ofinvestigation. By giving better tools of information gathering,forensic science helps investigators to collect more specific dataabout what is being investigated.

Forensicscience provides different approaches of analyzing the informationgathered during the investigation. This is because forensic scienceprovides an inquisitive approach that does not depend on the basicappearance of information (Ortmeier,2013). For instance, ina crime scene, forensic science approaches every common element orpiece of evidence with a deeper investigative approach. In thisregard, a basic item such as the wall surface of a crime scene canprovide forensic evidence such as fingerprints that open up a casethat was rather deadlocked in terms of investigation.

Oneof the examples for the use of forensic science is the uncovering ofthe real cause of death of Richard III, an ancient king of England.After death in battle 500 years ago, forensic investigators are usingforensic science and scans to explore the possible causes of hisdeath (Blaszczak,2014).This is replicated in solving mysterious homicides today. The secondexample is the use of tiny fingerprints to act as anti-counterfeitelements to fight the prevalence of fake goods in South Korea(Science Daily, 2014). These are just but a few cases of the vastapplications of forensic science.


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