Richard Serra Sculpture Rusts in Bronx Yard


RichardSerra Sculpture Rusts in Bronx Yard

RichardSerra is and artist renowned and celebrated due to his massive steelsculptures. The artist claims to only work on select orders, which hewould later install and position after important pieces of theartwork are complete. The article explains observer’s point of viewon a rusty, metallic sculpture stored in South Bronx. The authorexplains in the article that the sculpture was a pre-order from awithheld name and number. ‘To him it really isn’t really his workunless it is installed properly at the site’ said the studioassistant. Having a direct focus on the assistant’s words, itshows so much about Richard Serra and other artists. The comment isinteresting due to the irony of its meek nature. Artists do notcelebrate from half-baked operations. Similarly, the tiniest bit ofan art piece forms the master art piece. From the audience’s pointof view, Serra take a humble approach in presenting his work to thepeople. The same value proves to be part of the success story.Artists should be precise in their vision to bring out originalideas. Judging by Richard Serra’s precise emphasis on installationand removal, there is more to it than just positioning. Moving an artsculpture affects the shadows casts off the object. As many observersof the gargantuan steel sculptures have different ideas on where tohave it placed, Serra settles the claims by mentioning the piece’sorigin. Serra does not yet celebrate the work since it is notinstalled in its destined puzzle piece.

Serrais yet to complete the art work and enjoy the credit. It, however,begs to ask whether artists should take credit of their hard work orjust let their products sell its brand.


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