Responding To Business Challenges

RespondingTo Business Challenges

RespondingTo Business Challenges

Theemployees in any enterprise are part of the capital of thatenterprise. For any business to maximize on its output, the employeesneed to be stable both physically and mentally. There can bedecreased economic productivity if the economic climate is uncertain.This uncertainty can be caused by the bad moods of the employees, butthere are certain things that employers can do to improve the moodsof their employees to prevent decreased production. This essay willfocus on these three aspects.

Uncertaineconomic climates can contribute to decreased productivity. Thereason this is so because an employee finds themselves doing thingsout of pressure that makes most employees be unsatisfied with theirjobs. There are fewer benefits compared to the roles that theyhandle. (Ferrell, Hirt, &amp Ferrell 1999)

Themoods of an employee will affect the organization. Bad moods lead totiredness, distraction, anxiety and loss of motivation. Every taskthat an employee undertakes to do that day becomes a struggle. Badmoods by an employee can affect other employees as well that meansthat the production level of the whole organization is affected. Itis like a virus that affects all the people that a person comes intocontact with.

Badmoods are a fact of life, but they can be dealt with to ensure thatthey do not affect an employee’s production level as well as otheremployees. The employers can improve the moods of their employees bygiving certain incentives. The secret is by making the employees feelappreciated. Small steps towards these will give good results interms of the employee productivity. As an employer, you can provideyour employees with a mid-morning snack for example. It is alsoimportant to ensure that your employees interact well with eachother. This interaction will create some warmth at the work place.


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