Research Paper Skill Assignment

ResearchPaper Skill Assignment


Researchon osteoarthritis

“Diseasesare not imperfection”. This phrase holds much of truth in it aftercarrying out a research under public health program. The research wasmuch of public concern (RoyalCollege of Physicians, 2008).It is true to say that some diseases are generic in nature and othersare as a result of human day to day activities. Generic diseases meanthose diseases that are inherited from generation to generation orfrom parents to children. It is very difficult to treat some of thisdisease fully but in a way we can try to reduce them. Those that arecaused by the way human being conduct themselves are much stressed inthis research. Human activities includes: exercise, practices. Indetailed information, some diseases do not require medication ortreatment they only require some body exercise to reduce weight andcholesterol. Also, it makes body fluids and cartilage to functionnormally. Joint aching is a common experiment of absence of exercisethis is due to non-uniform distribution of weight in the whole body.In backing the above information, we are going to have a research ofa disease known as osteoarthritis (OA).


Theproduct of interest has an overall interest in the public domain. Asnoted by Moskowitz(2007), osteoarthritishas a major concern in education information. This product in term ofa disease is a very common disease which ends up initiating majorpermanent diseases or pain in the body. People should be able torecognize the disease in its early stage do initiate some preventivemeasure. This disease calls for some stipulated actions which arehelpful in mitigating some of the problem brought by mention disease.The paramount action is exercise that involves range of motion, whichis also refers to flexibility exercises aerobic or enduranceexercises and lastly strengthening exercises. This kind of exerciseshelps in improving the body motion and functionality. For moredetails of the exercise, there is a reason to explain the three typesof exercise separately as follows:

Rangeof motion exercise: Theseexercises help the body to function flexibly by enabling the jointsto move in full span they were designed to move. This disease causepain and stiffness that make it difficult for joints to move in easethrough their full span. This practice involves stretching of armsand movement that makes joints moves hence flexibility of the body(Moskowitz,2007).

Aerobicor endurance exercise:These are vigorous exercises that makes lungs to function effectivelyand efficient. It also strengthens heart’s muscle hence curbing thedanger of fatigue. Furthermore, it increases the amount of caloriesin the body and help individuals to sleep better.

Strengtheningexercise: Theseinvolve exercise which strengthens muscles and enabling them supportjoints and protect joints which are affected by arthritis.

Goalsand Objectives

Theaim of this product is to research about human lifestyles. The waypeople handle their own bodies’ matters most since they are indanger of painful diseases. Hence, the objective is to discover somepractices people engage in, to reduce this danger of arthritis.Arthritis is prone to challenges depending on the main causal of thedisease and the agency of attendance.

Inthe developing countries, they face a lot of challenges due to scarceresources. There are less number of rheumatologists in developingcountries and hence poor access to them (Brandtet al, 2003).The level of education is low and people do not know how to write orread hence poor research is conducted. Human and technical resourcesare limited and drugs are of low qualities. These challengescontributes to high spread of arthritis leading to damage of jointshence reduced life expectancy (Brandtet al, 2003).

Overviewof Arthritis

Osteoarthritisis a progressive disorder of the joints that is caused by a steadyloss of cartilage and result I the development of bony spurs andcysts at the margins of the joints.

Currentknowledge in diagnosis

Diagnosticimaging is the most used in the arthritis. Patients may show resultsof narrowed joint spaces, abnormal density of the bone and the bonespurs. They is inconveniences when using the X- ray result hencemagnetic resonance imaging and tomography scans can be employed toprovide price results (Brandtet al, 2003).


Patientsvary in terms of pattern of joints and the degree of disability. Themost appropriate treatment carried in most of cases is therapy(Brandtet al, 2003).


Patientssuffering from arthritis may be prone to risk of total deformationand disability. Hence they are advised to discover the disease in itsearly stage and be able to find treatment.


Thesemeasures differ depending on which location of joint is affected.These measures include:

  • Patients are advised to use knee supports, bed boards, canes, neck braces or elevated toilet seats.

  • Patients are also highly advocated to avoid stair climbing, unnecessary knee bending, or lifting of heavy objects.

  • Also they are advised to eat diet rich in vitamins and mineral.


Mostpeople commonly prone to arthritis are adults. Through data posted inWikipedia, it shows that less people are affected who are youngerthan 65years. It continue to show that women are more affected(24.3%) than men (18.7%) (Moskowitz,2007).&nbsp


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