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Religionand Technology

ThesisStatement:The wu wei and the covenant between God and the jews all work on true virtues.


WuWei is a Chinese term that refers to non-doing. It is a real andimportant point in Taoism that tends to mean non-doing or non-action(Einstein,2014).The goal of non-doing concepts is a purely natural way of behaving.According to history, wu Wei has been practiced both within and evenoutside the political and social structures. The embodying principleof wu Wei is always to ensure that it rules through creatingprosperity and happiness to all city inhabitants. In other word wu,Wei refers to the form of the highest virtue.

Thevirtue should be not predicated or done in the opposite way. The wuWei has three aspects while addressing to city dwellers. The firstone is that the highest virtue should be a sense of acting withoutself-interest. The element works on ensuring that people are nevermean and consider the wellbeing of their colleagues. Secondly, theother one is the greatest kindness of giving without condition. Citydweller should always be ready to give with one heart and they shouldnever do so with conditions. The third aspect is the act of thehighest justice whereby people should treat others withoutpreferences.

GodsCovenant with the Jews

Covenantsare those promises between groups individual’s more nations thattend to bind the power. Agreement entails various fields, business,law, biblical and many more. However, the covenant between God andthe people of Israel is a biblical covenant. It is so since itinvolved supernatural being, and it has been recorded in the holybook the bible. Additionally, other biblical examples include thecovenant between God and Abraham.

Theancient societies tend to employ them when regulating behaviour andrelationship. For instance, God had a special covenant with thepeople of Israel in that he would bless them abundantly other thanany other people on earth (Einstein,2014).The condition was that for the fulfillment of the promise theIsraelites were to obey the law. Faith in this covenant between Jewsand god made a historical framework in the Jewish territory.

Thecovenant had significance to the Jews and even god as it made theJews realize that the god loved and cared for them. The covenantsimilarly made people realize and belief that there is God. Thecovenant also acts as the primary indicator of an intimaterelationship between people of Israel and God (Einstein,2014).The indicator makes it possible for even the today world to truststill on God’s favor and relationship with his people.

Thecovenant also tends to be an important aspect as it shows that Jewsare marked as the Gods choose people. Secondly, it indicates theexistence of God who cares for the welfare of people and tends tointervene in their fate. The most critical importance of the covenantbetween God and the Jews is the key indication of the realrelationship between God and his people. The significance is ideal toboth the Judaism and the evolutionary history. The covenant madepeople top knows whom God was and therefore they now believe on him.


Thewu wei and God’s covenant to the Jewish both acts on virtues andrestraints. The two aspects guide people on how they should live andhow they should more of relate with each other. Finally, the covenantbetween God and the Jews has a great significance to the today’sJudaism world. The covenant makes it possible for people to believein God.


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