Relationships and Modern World


Relationshipsand Modern World

Relationshipsand Modern World

Thesociety is becoming more and more enlightened, and the socialrelationships are not as simple as they were before. In the modernsociety, there are a variety of ways to develop a relationship. Amongthe ways include meeting people in parties, clubs, and through thesocial media. These choices provide more opportunities to develop andmaintain a relationship. People are more receptive to the usetechnology to hook up with others and start relationships. However,the current developments have become a big blow to real relationship.This is because it is hard for people to keep a real relationshipwhen technology and hookup culture are common and sociallyacceptable.

Inmodern day, more and more people are using technology such astexting, social media, online dating to pick people for dates insteadof interaction with people in real life. This hurts the relationshipsand leads to the loss of communication skills in the social world.Furthermore, hookup culture is just an obstacle for a relationshipbecause it can only make people feel regretful and irresponsible.This makes it hard for a relationship from the social media to becomea real relationship.

Despitethe challenge, texting, social media, and online dating are becomingan important part in the society where people are connecting to eachother electronically. This is because people would rather know othersthrough social media or texting than face-to-face communication.However, it is challenging for people who want a real relationship.The more a person relies on social media to connect people anddevelop a relationship, the more the person loses communicationskills with people in the physical world.

Inthe article “The End of Courtship,” Alex Williams (2014) statesthat texting, email, social media has replaced traditionalcommunication and dating. According to Williams (2014), theresearcher claims that many college students do not know how to talkand go for a traditional date. I totally agree with these twoopinions. I think the majority of these people are enjoying the powerof social media to connect people without the personal touch. Socialmedia provides a lot of opportunities for people to developrelationships online, especially for people who are regularly online.These are people who can spend a whole day texting with someone theyhave never met or browsing on a homepage of a stranger.

Peopleare gradually getting addicted to online relationship and meetingpeople on social media than they do in the physical world. Suchpeople think it is hard to make friends in the real world because ofthe ease of connecting with people online. They are only good atkeeping their relationships online because they do not know how tomaintain a relationship in real world. For example, my cousin has anonline relationship with a lady for 1 year yet they have never. Oneday, they declared to be closer because they thought that they knoweach other well. So they went on to meet each other in the real worldand develop their friendship. However, they always argue every timethey meet because lady thinks my cousin is boring, and does not careabout her.

Onthe other hand, my cousin thinks that he does not know how to get onwith her, and why he is in such an unreasonable relationship. Theyboth think that they are not compatible because the other person isnot the one each had expected. When they have an argument, theyprefer to text each other instead of face-to-face communication. Thatcauses more misunderstanding and anger among them. Both of them donot know how to talk to each other to solve their misunderstanding.The case of my cousin is being just an example of the many suchrelationships with the world. Such people think they can usetechnology to develop a real relationship easily. However, technologyis not a good option for people who want real relationships.

Manypeople like the hookup culture because they can have irresponsiblesexual contacts. However, such hookups often make people feel emptyand regretful which limits their development into real relationships.The article “Young adult and a hookup culture” by Ian Kernerdescribes this culture. Kerner (2013) reports that the research byProfessor Donna Freitas involved 2500 college students in Americasought to know how they feel after a hookup. According to Kerner(2013), 41% of the students felt regret or had feelings of mixedemotions. On the basis of this research, some people think hookup isa popular thing to try. Others think that they want to be coolbecause their friends are having the same culture.

Inaddition, the American TV shows and dramas have a large number ofparty scenes with hookup scenes. These scenes give people a falseimpression that hookup culture is a popular and a cool thing to do.For example, in the movie “American Pie,” there are a lot of sexand hookups scenes in the plot. The scenes show young adults thatlook open and crazy. Even though this is a comedy movie, the plotaffects the perception of many people. In addition, there are manyother movies and programs that give people a wrong view byinfluencing them to think that hookup is a common and popular thing.This influence makes people to desire the hookup culture as a way ofaligning to the new trend.

However,many people are so blind about the hookup relationships, but they endup feeling regretful after a hookup. According to Kernel (2013),there are some students who believe that hookups can turn into realrelationships. I have also seen women have online friends and theyshare their feelings about them which develop into hookup. As aresult, they have sex every time they meet yet they do not even sharemeals together. After a repeated habit of sexual contact, such womenfeel a crush on the men, and expect real relationships with thehookup men.

However,men I the hookup relationships do not want real relationships withsuch women. Some of them try to stop further contact with the womenwhile others just want to get sexual benefits only. None of thesewomen have healthy social relationships with men. This shows thathookup is not a good way to develop relationships, because people areinterested in sex and not knowing each other. As a result, somepeople do not take hookup dating seriously. They only see them asways of showing off and meeting their sexual needs. In general,people should not expect hookup to lead to real relationships becausethey instead lead to loneliness at the end.

Inconclusion, relationships are facing many kinds of challenge. Peopleare getting used to develop relationships from technology or fromhookup. However, technology can really hurt relationships becausepeople rely on social media and lose social communication skills.Moreover, hookups are hard ways of developing relationships becausethey lead to loneliness and feelings of regret.


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