Recruiting a Manager for BRB, Israel

Recruitinga Manager for BRB, Israel

Recruitinga Manager for BRB, Israel

1.Briefly summarize the situation presented in this fictional casestudy. You are to include answers to the following: What do Connorsand O’Leary has to take into account when making their choice ofpotential candidates? What particular challenge or challenges doesthe fact that the country in question is Israel present to these VPsof Human Resources?

BRBis an innovative company in radar technology. The company’s newplan to start a new establishment in Israeli as one of its firstMiddle East establishments requires a new general Manager to overseethe operations in Israel. The company’s chief executive officerPaul Lizfeld directs his two vice presidents Francis O’Leary andJohn Conners of the United Kingdom and United States operationsrespectfully to assist in the recruitment of a perfect person for thejob. This proof to be a difficult job for the two vice presidentssince the CEO is very insisting on the right person for the job, andcannot afford a replacement.

Thetwo vice presidents must make sure that the candidate can be able tocontrol the Israeli operations. He or she must also be able to workwith Israeli government, understand the various governmentregulations. The general manager also must be able to communicate inHebrew, understand the culture of the Jews, have a supportive and anadaptive family, must be flexible, a strong decision maker and beresourceful besides having the technical engineering skills in radartechnology (Mendenhull &amp Oddon, 2000).

Connersand O’Leary must put into considerations of their CEO’sexpectations and terms of work. Lizfeld prefers home country presencefor the new manager (Mendenhull &amp Oddon, 2000). In addition,Lizfeld is assertive and wants hands-on management strategiespracticed in western firms which is not a practice in Israeli. Alsothey need to find a person who is familiar with Israeli culture andone who is ready to take directives and report to the CEO.

Thereare various challenges that the two VPs face in their effort to findthe right candidate for BRB Israeli unit. First, Israeli is a totallydifferent culture from the Western cultures of the UK and the U.S.They must be able to find a person who understands and canincorporate the Israeli culture into BRB corporate culture. Secondly,the political climate in Israel is volatile and the rising inflationcan be a great challenge to the new investment, hence finding aperson willing to work in such an environment. Finally, the CEOwishes to assert the western culture in Israel which is quitedifficult to be accepted in Israel.

2.Of the characteristics Connors and O’Leary have developed for thecandidate by which they have made preliminary decisions to selectthree candidates each, which do you think are the most important?Discuss the reasons why you think so. Are there any you think theyhave overlooked?

Themost salient characteristics that the two VPs have developed for thesuitable candidate include technical knowledge on radar technology.This is because the business if purely concerned on radartechnological development and a general manager with this knowledgeis better suited to handle operations.

Inaddition, the ability to understand Hebrew language and the Jewishculture is an important aspect. This will assert the Israeli presencein BRB and help in achieving productivity.

Anotheraspect that the two VPs have enlisted in their profile is thecandidates’ ability to have a supportive and an adaptive family.This is because, being a general manager requires consistency andwith a family in Israel, work can be easily handled without having totravel and divide time for family and work.

HoweverI believed they overlook the characteristic that, one must havefirst-hand experience working in Israel. This first-hand experiencecannot be compared with learnt knowledge about the culture of theIsraelis or other finer details regarding working in Israeli such asgovernment regulations, politics and interaction with government andprivate organizations.

3.Describe the compensation package you will be providing the new Headof the Israeli subsidiary in taking up this assignment. Whichapproach to compensation would you choose and why? What keycomponents would you include in the package? Be as detailed aspossible in your answer.

Consideringthat a general manager’s post is a big post in a technologicalcompany such as BRB, the compensation package must also be rewarding.Besides this consideration, BRB must offer a competitive salary sothat the person chosen for the job can be able to cope with the highinflation in the troubled Israeli economy (Mendenhull &amp Oddon,2000). In fact, the package must be considerably attractive that forother general managers in the U.S or in the UK.

Thecompensation model that I would recommend for the new general managerin Israel is a performance, Position and Person model. This modellooks at the person as an individual, their performance and positionin the company. A general manager is a very high post, consideringthat he will be responsible for all the operations in Israel. To beselected for the post, one must be a highly competent person with awide range of experience in different management levels. As such,this person must be compensated accordingly. Looking at their trackrecord in their previous works, the employer can tell of the expectedperformance of the new employee. Hence by selecting a highlyqualified person with good performance record means that this personmust be well compensated to motivate him for the new job.

Thepackage must include different and attractive benefits to the generalmanager including a competitive house allowance, a premium medicalcover for the person and his family, travel allowances, paidvacations, paid sick leaves, paid study leave in case the personwants to further their knowledge in the field as well as riskallowance since Israel is a country surrounded with conflicts.


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