Recommendation For a Safe and Successful Trip


RecommendationFor a Safe and Successful Trip

RecommendationFor a Safe and Successful Trip

Whentraveling to West Africa, a traveler should adhere to somerecommendations that make the trip a success and worth the time.According to Fesenmaieret al (2006), therecommendations range from cultural aspects, health situations,political systems and economic perspectives. To aid communicationwhen travelling to Mali, a person should prepare to use a translatorif he or she does not know both French and the Bambara languages. Thesame consideration should be made on the Sierra Leone trip, but themain languages are English and the Mende. In addition, the travelershould prepare for a hot climate and should carry clothing that fitssunny weather.

Healthis a major consideration when traveling to any region. When travelingto Sierra Leone, one should consult the health agencies like theWorld Health Organization and Center for Disease and Control, CDC.These consultations should be done in a person’s country and inSierra Leone in regard to infectious diseases such as Ebola. WhileMali has not been highly infected, the traveler should considerhealth advice from local and global health agencies. According to theCDC (2014), there are a number of packaged travel checks that atraveler should consult.

Thetraveler is also recommended to understand the economic status of thetwo countries especially on the currencies. The countries, Mali (WestAfrican CFA franc)and in Sierra Leone (SierraLeonean Leone)have a weaker currency according the economic strength of the twocountries. The political landscape of the two West African countriesis different and a traveler should therefore desist from politicalinclinations without prior knowledge. Finally, a traveler shouldlearn basic traffic rules in the two countries in addition to otherlegal basics. For instance, the traffic in Sierra Leone and Malikeeps traffic keeps right and foreigners are recommended to adjustaccordingly for road safety.


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