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Mrs.Kim, as a customer of the Baron Art Mart Inc., has the right to suethe store for the injuries and ill-treatment she received from Mr.Lee, the Loss Prevention Manager. However, going to court is atedious process and will take a long time before the case isresolved. Thus, it will be wise for Mrs. Kim to accept what Baron isoffering her as an annual payment. This acceptance will save her timeand money she will not take the time to attend court hearings, andshe will not have to pay court fees.

Thestore should have a policy stating the action to be implemented whencustomers are involved in accidents at the store. The policy shouldinclude the extent to which customers should be assisted, and givedetails on what percentage of the hospital bill the store should pay.This percentage should be proportional to the extent of the injuryi.e. serious accidents should be given more assistance and ifpossible be wholly catered for by the store. With this in mind, Baronshould settle Mrs. Kim’s hospital bill since she was injured in thestore. The store management should make follow up on her recovery anddischarge from the hospital.

Thestore management should consider appointing an assistant manager toprevent a similar situation from recurring in the future. Theassistant manager should take charge of the store when the manager isnot available. In addition, he should have the power to makeessential decisions if the store manager is absent. These decisionsshould include frisking of a customer suspected of shop-lifting.Having an assistant manager will reduce inconveniences such aswaiting for the manager to settle an issue that can comfortably behandled by someone else.

Thestore should also consider training the employees on customerrelations. This training will help the employees to treat theircustomers with politeness and respect. Customers who are suspected ofany misconduct should not be subjected to any harassment ormistreatment. The store should provide a policy stating theappropriate action when an employee mistreats a customer, whether thecustomer was at fault or not. Where the situation demands theemployees to prevent the suspected customer from leaving, the timethey are held should be reasonable. The customer in case should haveenough information on why they are being detained.

Thestore management should consider division of duties among theemployees. Not all major decisions should be made by the manager.There should be considerations of having a security department todeal with security issues. If the store had a security department,there would be no need to wait for the manager to deal with theshoplifting case.

Accusinga customer of shoplifting is a serious allegation. The employeesshould approach such cases with caution. They should uphold thenotion of innocent till proven guilty. Employees should not accusecustomers without apparent evidence. The employee accusing a customershould support this accusation with video footage from cameras andwitnesses who can account for what happened. The employee in chargeof handling a shop-lifting case should not threaten or forcefullypull the suspected customer. The suspect should be handled gently.

Incases where the customer was accused falsely, the management shouldgive proper apologies and compensate for all the damages caused tothe customer. It is important to uphold the good reputation of thestore. Therefore, the store should make proper arrangements to seethat such a case of wrong accusation does not occur again.