Rain Man Movie Review

RainMan Movie Review

RainMan Movie Review

RainMan is a 1988 United States movie. It was originally performed inEnglish. Barry Levinson directed the comedy-drama film while RonaldBass and Barry Morrow wrote the screenplay. The main characters inthe film include Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise), Raymond (DustinHoffman) and Susanna (Valeria Golino). Babbit is a sophisticatedupcoming trader specializing in importing Lamborghinis to naggingcustomers. Susanna and Raymond are Babbits’ girlfriend and brotherrespectively. Babbit discovers that his brother has passed on when hewas in the middle of importing for vehicles for his impatientcustomers. He travels to Cincinnati, Ohio to pay the last respect forhis father. Susana accompanies him to the burial. Babbit hopes thathis estranged father could have bequeathed him his entire estatebecause he was the only child. Nonetheless, he gets a ride shookafter discovering that his father’s will donated his entire $3million dollar estate to a mental health facility. Babbit uses socialengineering skills and discovers that his father bequeathed hisestate to one of his brothers suffering from savant autistic. Babbitbegins a struggle to claim at least half of his father’s estatevalue since he was also an eligible heir. He intended to Los Angelesand became his custodian so that he could access his inheritedfortune. During the long drive from Ohio, Babbit learnt severalthings about his brother that restores their broken relationship(Levinson, 1988).

Impactof disability

Thedisorder affects Raymond’s social life by making him detached withthe society (Bernier &amp Gerdts, 2010). His life is characterizedwith extreme routines such as watching the JudgeWapner and the Jeopardy!television series. The condition makes him emotionally disconnectedfrom other human beings such that he detests being physically touchedby other people. Furthermore, autism makes Raymond hydrophobic. Hewails when Babbit attempts to make him wash his hands in runningwater. Besides, he declined boarding a flight from Ohio to LosAngeles as well as, travelling in car on the highway after they cameacross a grisly road accident (Levinson, 1988).

Savantautism syndrome gives Raymond special academic abilities compared toa normal human being. For example, he could accurately count thespilled toothpicks on the floor at a single glance. He also memorizedthe phone contacts in the directory he found in a motel from alphabet‘A’ to ‘G’ within a few hours. Besides, he could recall awaitress’ telephone number upon seeing her name on the badge thefollowing day. The capability to memorize numerous telephone andaddresses within a short time, capacity to predict the winningnumbers at the casino and compute big mathematical figures instantlyare some special academic capabilities associated with the savantautism syndrome (Zimmerman, 2008).

Autismmakes victims emotionally detached from the family members (Bernier &ampGerdts, 2010). For example, Babbit did not know he had an olderbrother living at a mental institution. Moreover, he found itdifficult to understand his brother because he had many abnormalbehaviors such as strict adherence to programs. He also lackedknowledge on important family roles such as intimacy. Raymond isattracted by strange noises into his brother’s bedroom as he couldnot understand the reason his girlfriend was making the sounds whenthe couple was supposed to be sleeping. Furthermore, the strictadherence to a rigid program can prevent autistic individuals fromraising a healthy family (Zimmerman, 2008). The brothers spendnumerous days while driving from Ohio to Los Angeles because Babbithad to allow his brother to fulfil his daily programs such assleeping at 11.00 pm and watching given television series.

Individualssuffering from autism find it challenging adjust to a new workenvironment because of getting overused to a routine lifestyle(Zimmerman, 2008). For instance, Raymond’s habitual behavior makeshim unable to adjust to a fresh lifestyle. In addition, he refused towear a new pair of underwear his brother purchased for him because hewanted his usual boxer shorts. Raymond also lacked basic life skillssuch as road use policies. He stands in the middle of a zebracrossing because he had seen a sign that read ‘no walking’(Levinson, 1988).

Impacton disability

Raymondsuffers from the savant autism, which makes him a mathematics genius(Bernier &amp Gerdts, 2010). He can master numbers such asaddresses, telephone codes and bet outcomes with a special accuracythan human beings can do. However, the disorder makes him emotionallydetached with other people and in need of professional care. In casehe was living in Abu Dhabi, accessing professional assistance couldbe impossible. Many children suffering from autistic do not receiveappropriate professional care they deserve. The limited autismfacilities available are mainly private-owned and exploitative. Thecost of accessing the service is very high. Children requireapproximately Dh 140,000 per year. Parents pay approximately Dh40,000 while non-governmental, and government provide the overheadtreatment costs (Chaudhary, 2012). Chaudhary (2012) that UAE lacksappropriate professional staff and facilities to cater for theincreasing number of patients. Besides, the subsidized professionalcare is only provided to children below 17 years. Older patients areoften forced to seek unsubsidized and private treatment which hasbeen exerting financial strains in many families (Chaudhary, 2012).

However,the savant autism syndrome Raymond suffers from the movie would be avaluable asset in the Abu Dhabi. Children with special talents likeRaymond’s ability to predict numbers would be highly appreciated.However, the emotional detachment and inflexible lifestyles mightmake their life challenging in the country as it has inadequateprofessional facilities designated for supporting the sick(Chaudhary, 2012).

Inmy opinion, Rain Man is presented from both positive and negativeperspectives. The director illustrates the positivity of a savantautism through Raymond’s genius skills in mathematics. The disordermakes him capable of accurately predicting the winning numbers in acasino (Whitman, 2004). It also enhances his learning capacity suchthat he can memorize several contacts within a short time. Thesyndrome has also boosted his learning capacity so much that he canremember the date and location of all the plane accidents associatedwith the companies providing flight services from Ohio to Los Angeles(Levinson, 1988).

Onthe other hand, the director does also portray the film negativelyusing Raymond’s weaknesses. For instance, he is emotionallydetached from his relatives. Besides, he acts like a robot because heengages in routine activities such as watching certain televisiongames, remembering significant events such as plane crashes thatmakes him afraid of traveling with planes that have had accidents inthe past (Levinson, 1988).

Themovie is entertaining because it portrays autistic persons from aperspective that no other video had popularized before. In fact,Raymond’s behavior set a stereotype that autistic persons havesavant skills. Besides, it helped to improve on the attitude ofemployers that autistic persons are dependent persons that have nocapacity to accomplish challenging tasks on their own. Second,Raymond’s performance is amusing. He has several phobias and funnybehaviors such as standing in the midst of a road, refusing to wear anew underwear, and wailing when he does not want to comply with hisbrother’s directions are also rib cracking moments (Levinson,1988).


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